Expedia API

Connect your listings with our Expedia channel manager via API integration to sync your bookings, availability, and rates across multiple channels and OTAs

Sync Expedia Calendar

Expedia calendar sync

Integrate your Expedia listing with our channel manager and sync your Expedia calendar with your own website and the rest of top channels. Lodgify’s two-way synchronization will import reservations and availabilities automatically. It will keep your calendar updated at all times to avoid double-bookings.

Whenever you receive a reservation directly on your website, or any external channel, such as Airbnb, Booking.com or Vrbo, the dates will be instantly blocked off on your Expedia calendar.

Expedia Calendar Sync

The best channel manager for Expedia

Lodgify offers a great channel manager for Expedia. You can easily connect your listings with Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo and your own vacation rental website, to instantly sync calendars, bookings and rates in one centralized dashboard.

Managing your properties has never been so easy. Save time in manual tasks and prevent any overbooking issues. Our Expedia channel manager will guarantee that your website and your external listings are seamlessly aligned. No room for mistakes with Lodgify’s API integrations!

Expedia System Providers

Lodgify has been listed as Expedia System Provider because of the high-quality connectivity we offer to property owners from the Expedia Group Marketplace. Our Expedia API Integration grants vacation rental owners high-value features to connect their listing with other platforms and import/export rates, reservations, availability and much more.

What does Lodgify synchronize with Expedia?

Booking Engine

Reservation details

Creation dates, stay dates, facilities, price details and number of guests will be in sync

Unified Multi-Calendar Icon


18 months of availability will be synchronized and your calendar will be updated instantly


Default and seasonal rates will be synchronized. Daily and weekly prices can also be mapped

Guest details

Names and languages will be imported


You can charge Expedia reservations directly from your Lodgify account

Credit card details

Credit card details can only be imported if you accept credit card payments in Lodgify


Once I have connected my channel manager to Expedia, do I need to do anything else?
Nope! The connection requires zero maintenance from your side. Besides, help is always available from our dedicated connectivity team at any time.
How frequently does Lodgify update my rates and availability information in Expedia?
Rates and availability are updated instantly and automatically (sent from Lodgify to Expedia), whenever there is a change in rates and/or availability (e.g.: change in price or a new booking was received).
How can I connect my Expedia listing to Lodgify’s channel manager?
Please check our Help Center to get all the details on how to integrate your Expedia listing into our channel manager.
If I receive a booking from Expedia, when can a credit card be charged?
For Hotel Collect bookings: You can charge the card at any time after booking. You can do so by using Lodgify’s Charge Credit Card functionality or by charging the card through your own POS.
For Expedia Collect bookings: The EVC card (Expedia Virtual Card) will be active from the check-in date and can be charged accordingly.

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