Lodgify Automation tools
Lodgify’s automation tools for vacation rentals do all the work for you.

Minimize your workload by avoiding repetitive tasks with Lodgify’s property management automation tools.

Automation Tools for Vacation Rentals

Automate rates with our price management tools

With our Price Labs integration, our vacation rental automation system adjusts your prices based on market supply and demand, seasonal trends, special events, and holiday predictions. Save time on adjusting your rates each time and monetize your business.

Pricelabs Dynamic Pricing

Guest communication made easy

Never forget to communicate with your guests again with Lodgify’s automated messaging system. Send your guests automated emails before and after their stay. Minimize your workload and maximize the guest experience with implemented autoresponders.

Email Template For Vacation Rentals

Simple check-in procedure

Give your guests all the information they need before they arrive with our automated messaging system. Send travelers a pre-check-in form by text or email and ask them what time they will be arriving and if they have any special requirements. Wish them a safe journey back after they check-out too.

Vacation Rental Check-Out Automation

Cultivate exceptional experiences using AI

Transform your guest interactions with the power of Lodgify’s AI Assistant, an innovative tool that automates responses, ensuring personalized and accurate communication with guests. Save time while maintaining the authentic connection that distinguishes your vacation rental from your competition.

AI Assistant

Advantages of using automation tools for vacation rentals

Grow your vacation rental business and increase bookings with our property management automation software.

Improve the guest experience

The guest experience begins as soon as they visit your vacation rental website or listing, and it continues right up until the guest submits their glowing review. Make your guests feel welcomed from the moment they reserve your vacation rental. Travelers will feel more at ease when they are looked after and communicated with throughout their whole vacation.

Secure more bookings

Responding to an inquiry is a make or breaking point in getting you a reservation. At that exact moment, a guest could book a different vacation rental. By answering straight away, you’re more likely to secure that booking. Never miss out on any opportunities again and increase your booking conversion.

Build your online reputation

Use our automation software to send automated SMS texts or emails to remind your guests to write a review after their stay. Then showcase all your reviews to potential guests browsing your website. Compiling reviews actually improves your vacation rental website’s SEO meaning your site will be found quicker.

Save time and be active

Spend less than 75% of the time you would spend on daily tasks by using Lodgify’s vacation rental automation system. Focus your time and effort on other more important tasks, instead of constantly doing the same manual work. Sit back and relax, knowing that your guests and business are all taken care of.

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