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Our team of experts will study your business and work with you one-on-one to set up your account and get you familiarized with our software

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A free, personalized onboarding that adapts to your needs

We know that getting started with new software can be daunting, which is why we’re thrilled to offer all of our customers a free personalized onboarding experience. Our team of experts will work with you one-on-one at your convenience to set up your account and familiarize you with all of the features of our software.

Every vacation rental property is unique, and we want to make sure our software is tailored to your specific needs. Our best-in-class onboarding process carefully reviews your property and its features, as well as your goals, so that you can make the most out of Lodgify no matter the size of your business.

Effortless listing and channel connection with Lodgify

Once you’re set up, you’ll have access to a wide range of features that will help you manage your vacation rental more efficiently and effectively. We’ll connect and synchronize all of your listings and reservation calendars from OTAs, such as Airbnb, Vrbo and, to your new channel manager, allowing you to easily manage your business in one place.

We’ll also show you how to make use of your unified inbox, where you can manage guest communication across various platforms. Additionally, our software includes a robust set of tools for reporting and analytics, which our agents will walk you through so you can track your performance and make data-driven decisions about your business.

Expert assistance in building your bookable website

One of the main reasons our customers choose Lodgify is because of our intuitive website builder. We’ll assist you in creating your own bookable vacation rental website, which comes with an array of customizable templates and a domain name of your choice.

Our dedicated onboarding specialist will guide you as you design your website using your images, logo, and brand colors while providing you with expert tips and SEO advice so that you can be easily found by potential guests on Google.

What’s more, if you already have your own website, we’ll show you how to embed the Lodgify booking widget, so you can instantly receive direct bookings.

FAQs about our free onboarding service

Is it really free?
Yes! Our onboarding specialists will help you set up your Lodgify account for free, whether you own one or 200 properties!
In what language will my onboarding be?
We offer free onboarding for all plans and business sizes in English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, and Italian.
How can I get my onboarding call?
You have many options! You can choose a date from the calendar after paying for your subscription, book a call through the emails we'll be sending you or even by using the Lodgify desktop app (either via the control panel or by clicking on the notifications).
What can I expect from my onboarding process?
We thoroughly study your business so that we can provide the best onboarding service for you. Our specialists help you set up your account, connect your calendars and listings, and assist you in creating your own bookable website. If you already have a website, we’ll show you how to embed the Lodgify booking widget, so you can instantly receive direct bookings.
How long do I have to wait to start the onboarding process?
This will depend on our team’s capacity. The estimated waiting time goes from 1-7 days. Please note that during high season and holiday periods, the waiting time can be longer.

If you’re in a rush, please inform your specialist as cancellations occur and we might be able to advance your call.
When is the Onboarding team available?
Our Onboarding team is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 am CET / 3:00 am to 7:00 pm EST / 0:00 am to 4:00 pm PST.
Is onboarding mandatory?
Onboarding is highly recommended. We want to make sure that your connection process is as smooth as possible and this is what the specialist will help you achieve. Over 85% of our customers complete the onboarding process.
Does onboarding set up my account and properties?
The Onboarding specialist will assist you in importing your properties from Airbnb, as well as offer training and advice on the features, to best set them up and use them afterward. However, you will be responsible for completing the properties and the website according to your needs.
I booked an Onboarding call but I need to reschedule or cancel... What do I do?
This is not a problem! We’ll be happy to reschedule or cancel the meeting as long as you let us know about any changes 24 hours before. However, please note that if you inform us less than 24 hours from the meeting, you are subject to a charge of 25 USD/EUR/GBP (+VAT if applicable).
Can I request a new onboarding session if I upgrade my account?
Unfortunately, no. As this service is free of charge, it’s reserved for new customers. If you need any assistance after your initial onboarding, our Support Team will be more than happy to help!

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