how to clean holiday cottages

7 Tips on How to Clean Holiday Cottages

Holiday cottages are a great means for people to escape the bustling city and get some peace and quiet. Cottages are considered to be cosy, whether it be for Christmas or winter in general, they’re extremely popular to rent out.

Cleanliness is one of the most crucial aspects of short-term lettings for both guests and hosts alike. For guests, a dirty home can ruin a holiday before it even begins. For hosts, it can tarnish their whole business’ reputation.

Keeping your holiday cottage clean to the highest standards goes hand in hand with pleasing your guests and ensuring a great all-round experience. So how do you clean holiday cottages? We’ve compiled a list of the most crucial things to never overlook.

How to clean holiday cottages?

Holiday cottages require extra care, as some date back to the 19th Century or even earlier. At times, they can be fragile, especially if the roof is made out of dry straw.

Whilst taking the greatest care when cleaning, it is also important to not disregard anything your guests have touched. There’s a difference between a holiday cottage that feels cosy, and once that’s just untidy and not clean. Here is the holiday cottage cleaning checklist categorised by rooms:

1. Kitchen

holiday cottages

Nowadays, many guests are choosing holiday homes instead of hotels for the reason that they have access to a kitchen. Some visitors love cooking and prefer making their own meals than going to restaurants. In holiday cottages, there is nothing cosier than cooking a home-cooked winter meal, such as a classic Sunday roast.

In order to uplift the guest experience, don’t forget to miss anything in the kitchen:

  • Clean inside the fridge, microwave and oven
  • Polish kitchen appliances such as the coffee machine, toaster and kettle
  • Wash all the plates and cutlery
  • Match pots and pans with their lids
  • Provide clean tea towels
  • Get rid of any food
  • Take out the bins

2. Dining room

As your guests gather their friends and family around the table, make sure that their focus is on enjoying their well-prepared dinner:

  • Wipe down dining room chairs and the table
  • Wash any cotton napkins
  • Clean centrepieces
  • Clean the floor, especially under the table and chairs
  • Wash windows

3. Living room

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Similar to why guests choose to rent, the living room is a communal area where visitors can sit back relax and watch tv, or simply read a book.

Ensure that your guests are comfortable:

  • Fireplace – clear out the ash and provide enough coal or wood
  • Replace newspapers or magazines
  • Wipe shelves, including the mantelpiece
  • Remove any spider webs
  • Check for any stains on the sofa or cushions
  • Vacuum clean any rugs and the carpet
  • Keep the bookshelf tidy
  • Clean the TV remote
  • Check for dirt and dust under the sofa

4. Bedrooms

Where your guests rest their heads at the end of a long day on vacation is, quite possibly, the most important room of all. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for a relaxing getaway, and a clean bed (including mattress, pillows and cushions) is vital:

  • Dust the top of the wardrobe and curtain rods
  • Check between the mattress and headboard for lost items or rubbish
  • Check under the bed for any left-behind items
  • Wash blankets and bedsheets
  • Air out the duvet
  • Clean the wardrobe shelves and draws

5. Bathrooms

If your cottage provides towels for your guests, it’s essential they’re in great condition. The same applies to other bathroom basics such as shower curtains and bath mats.

Mould can build up quite easily in bathrooms due to the damp conditions. Inspect all tiles or water-prone areas for any problems often, and re-seal them with silicone if necessary:

  • Clean the shower, toilet, sink and mirror
  • Replace complimentary toiletry items, such as soap and shower gel
  • Mop the floor
  • Clean the shower curtain and bathroom mat
  • Change reed diffusers and candles
  • Check the drains aren’t blocked

6. Garden and exterior

dog friendly holiday cottages

The exterior of your property is the first thing guests are going to see, so you want to give off an amazing impression and set the standard for the rest of the house:

  • Sweep up any leaves by the entrance
  • Clear the drains and gutters
  • Clear out cigarette buds and empty the ashtray
  • Disinfect any outdoor furniture
  • Wipe away bird droppings
  • Clean burnt-on food and drippings from the barbecue
  • Pull weeds and remove debris from the garden

7. Pet-friendly cottages

If you have a pet-friendly cottage, make sure to clean anything the pet has done:

  • Vacuum clean the pet bed
  • If a dog got their floor dirty with their muddy paws, clean the floor
  • Clean the food bowl and drinking bowl
  • Scoop litter box
  • Get rid of any pet fur
  • Remove any carpet stains

What to take away?

There are some spots around the home that owners can easily miss and forget to clean. Be sure to prioritize and have a plan in place when it comes to cleaning. Although we don’t like to think so, cleaners can at times cut corners, so it’s equally important to double-check everything.

If your holiday cottage isn’t been rented out all year round, it’s still important to take care and clean your cottage when it’s empty, especially if it’s prone to spider webs. When the house is not being used, cover furniture with sheets or special furniture covers to eliminate excessive dust

Make sure your holiday cottage is spotless and sparkling after each guests’ stay. These are just a few ideas to get started. For a more complete list of what you need to do each time you deep clean your property, download our free vacation rental cleaning checklist.

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