Lodgify Offers Vrbo API Integration with No Minimum Rentals Limitations

As one of Vrbo’s major partners, Lodgify has been working tirelessly to perfect our API integration with the company for years. However, with the previous 5 rental minimum, many found that this impeded other channel managers from offering an API connection. 

Luckily for us, this is no longer a problem anymore. Vrbo has selected Lodgify as one of the few partners to offer full API connection without the number of rentals limitations in specific regions.

New: No Restrictions in the Number of Rentals in Specific Regions

This means if you’re based in North America or an APAC country, you can now connect your listings via API regardless of how many rentals you have. Conveniently manage all your reservations in one place and optimize your time to continue growing your business.

Lodgify VRBO API Integration

Vrbo API Connection Benefits

With over 257 monthly worldwide page views, posting your listings on Vrbo will significantly increase your exposure to potential guests. That said, we’re proud to be recommended by them as an Integrated Software Partner. 

From syncing your bookings to organizing your calendars and rates across multiple channels, the pros of using a Vrbo API integration are countless. Aside from saving time, effort, and money, here are some other important benefits of this service:

Accurate updates of rates, messages, and availability

Stay in the loop by receiving real-time updates of rates, messages, and availability (up to 18 months!) with our Vrbo API integration. Sync your daily, weekly, and monthly prices, taxes, and fees to guarantee uniformity throughout all channels. Seasonal rates will also be updated. 

Two-way synchronization

Syncing your Vrbo listings with Lodgify’s channel manager will allow you to prevent double-bookings by automatically importing all reservations and promotions. By blocking off dates on Vrbo that are booked on external listings (and vice versa), you can avoid the headache of checking multiple platforms to ensure that bookings don’t overlap.

Create new Vrbo listings directly from Lodgify

Upload rental details, photographs, amenities, and more to create new listings directly from Lodgify. 

Charge reservations with our credit card payment gateways

Receiving payments and taking care of accounting has never been so easy! With the Vrbo connection, all payments and credit card details are imported for charging your guests directly in Lodgify. 


While the importance of guest communication continues to grow in the vacation rental industry, so do advances in automation.  You can set up automated messages straight from Lodgify or take care of direct conversations on Vrbo. Being on top of your messages will help secure bookings, build your online reputation, and save time for other tasks.

How to Connect Your Vrbo Listing to Lodgify

To help you connect your Vrbo listing(s) to Lodgify, we have prepared a complete guide with requirements,  synchronization settings, and steps. Please refer to our knowledge base article: Connect Lodgify to Homeaway/VRBO. Get started today and watch your vacation rental business flourish!

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