Host helping guest at checkin

Make Property Operations a Breeze with Our New Breezeway Integration

As the premier property operations and experience platform, Breezeway is revolutionizing the short-term rental industry with its innovative tools designed to streamline tasks, enhance communication, and ensure perfectly prepared properties.

This award-winning platform powers over 30 million property care tasks, helping thousands of short-term rental managers and hospitality operators elevate their operational efficiency, eradicate manual work, and boost service revenue.

And now, you can easily integrate it with Lodgify!

What is Breezeway?

Breezeway is a comprehensive platform designed for short-term rental professionals aiming to coordinate, communicate, and verify the detailed work that goes into property preparation.

With its advanced functions, Breezeway simplifies complex processes, making it easier to manage tasks and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Host helping guest at checkin

The advantages of integrating Breezeway with Lodgify

At its core, Breezeway is designed to help you automate and optimize your vacation rental property management operations.

However, it’s also a fantastic tool for those looking for a comprehensive overview of their businesses, providing crucial insights and automation features helpful for hosts of all sizes.

Understand how much each property is costing (and earning) you while reducing time spent on tedious tasks with the following features.

Create tasks, automate workflows, and schedule and pay cleaners

After integrating Breezeway with Lodgify, property and reservation information is synced in real time. You can easily create tasks that need to be completed before or after a reservation. Breezeway automatically records tasks related to those reservations, allowing you to set up recurring tasks and workflows around check-ins, check-outs, occupancy, and vacancy.

If a property is vacant for more than seven days, for example, you can automatically schedule an arrival inspection, reducing manual scheduling work and ensuring cleanliness standards for your guests.

Breezeway workflow

You can also add reference photos to each task to establish standards for cleaning and other tasks.

If you prefer the living room to be organized a certain way, for instance, include a photo and ask the cleaner to add a photo to the app to ensure it looks like the reference photo when they’re finished.

Dashboard overview

The Breezeway dashboard provides a quick overview of your business and the progress of day-to-day tasks, facilitating effective communication with staff and allowing for easy reporting and tracking of issues.

For example, if a guest wants to check in early, you can view your dashboard to see where your team is finishing their tasks. Use the real-time information to decide whether to accept the early check-in request—no need to call, text, or visit the property yourself. Within Breezeway, everything is documented in one place.

Field staff app

Never run out of anything again with Breezeway’s supply management and stock monitoring features, part of the helpful app for your staff that they can easily download to manage their tasks.

For instance, when a cleaner replaces a roll of toilet paper, they can deduct that from the stock, and automatic reminders can be set to notify you when you’re low on certain items.

Breezeway checklist

Or, say your cleaner arrives and finds that the dishwasher has a leak. They can easily report this via the app. Breezeway also tracks these reports so you can tell when it might be time to pull the trigger and replace the dishwasher.

Your workers can also use the app to follow your checklists, reference your photos, upload photos of completed tasks, and report any issues.

Guidebook, messaging, and after-hours Assist

Breezeway isn’t only focused on helping you optimize your rental administration but also on helping ensure your guests have the best experience possible.

Use Breezeway’s guidebook to create a custom welcome book for your rentals, giving guests essential information that will enhance their stay. The guidebook is dynamic, meaning it will show the guest different information pre-, during, and post-stay that is more relevant to their needs.

Guest messaging allows you to stay on top of what your guests need and keep track of any repeat questions to add to your guidebook.

Breezeway guest messaging

With after-hours Assist, you can take advantage of a team of Breezeway employees who are specially trained in your accommodation preferences to take over any guest questions or issues once you’ve logged off for the day.

How much does Breezeway cost?

Breezeway offers custom quotes based on your specific needs. They have a tiered pricing structure that varies based on the number of units and products chosen.

Their offerings include Operations, Messaging, Guide (Welcome Book), and Assist, all a la carte, meaning you can pick and choose which products are most important to you and your business—don’t pay for what you don’t need.

How to integrate with Breezeway

The best way to get started is to schedule a demo with Breezeway. Once you’ve created your account, follow these steps to integrate it with Lodgify:

  1. Create an account on Breezeway
  2. Select “connect PMS”
  3. Select Lodgify on the integrations list
  4. Add your Lodgify API key and click connect
  5. Your properties will be imported
  6. Your reservations will be imported

This partnership aims to make your short-term rental management tasks more efficient and less time-consuming so you can focus on delivering an unforgettable guest experience. Get started now and enjoy the power of combining Breezeway and Lodgify.

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