Add a Blog to Your Lodgify Website with Our DropInBlog Integration

In the bustling world of vacation rentals, optimizing your website for direct bookings is essential.

Your website serves as the gateway where potential customers seek insights and begin their booking adventures. Now, with our latest partner, DropInBlog, seamlessly integrating a blog into your website has never been easier. Enhance your website’s visibility and boost direct bookings by making your Lodgify-powered website even more inviting.

From words to bookings: DropInBlog’s impact on your short-term rental website

DropInBlog allows hosts and property managers to create a rich-featured blog and easily embed it into their short-term rental website. A blog is an invaluable tool, offering a personal touch that builds trust with potential guests. By showcasing local expertise, answering frequently asked questions, and providing timely updates, it enhances guest confidence, boosts visibility, and ultimately drives more bookings to your vacation rental.

This tool works as a widget that incorporates your blog into your Lodgify website. Once embedded, your blog’s content is automatically exported, uplifting your website and attracting a wider audience. It will strengthen your online presence by providing valuable, relevant content to your visitors.

What are the main features of DropInBlog?

Website content made effortlessly

DropInBlog provides a powerful solution for adding an SEO-friendly blog to your Lodgify website. By incorporating DropInBlog into your Lodgify website builder, you can enhance your site’s organic visibility and traffic. The embedding process is simple: just copy and paste the HTML code provided by DropInBlog into a widget on your site, and you’re ready to roll, without the need for complex technical implementations.

DropInBlog Templates

Tailored aesthetics

Are you worried about your blog seamlessly blending with your website’s design? Fear not. DropInBlog automatically matches your website’s colors and font styles to your blog, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing online presence. This aesthetic setup enhances your brand’s identity and creates a unified user experience for your guests.

Optimized for search engines

With DropInBlog’s built-in SEO Analyzer, you can write in a way that not only keeps your readers interested but also helps your website show up higher in search results. Imagine it like a guide: as you write, it gives you scores and tips to make your content more visible online. It’s like having a map to create content that people love, and search engines, like Google, notice without the confusion. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to clear, effective strategies for your content.

DropInBlog SEO Analyzer

How DropInBlog works with Lodgify

Getting started with DropInBlog is quick and simple. In addition to your Lodgify account, you need to be a DropInBlog customer, too. Once signed in to your DropInBlog account, copy the provided code snippets and paste them into your Lodgify website using the Raw HTML widget. Within moments, your blog will be seamlessly embedded. All the content you create in your DropInBlog account will be synced with the blog page on your Lodgify website. Now, you are ready to captivate your audience with compelling articles.

How much does DropInBlog cost?

Choose from the flexible pricing plans tailored to meet your needs. The Lite plan, which is offered for $19/month, allows you to publish unlimited posts and categories. With the Standard plan at $39/month, you get a few extras on top, such as scheduling posts, priority support, and assigning different levels to post authors. Whether you opt for one or the other, you gain access to a world of blogging possibilities designed to elevate your online presence and engage your audience effectively.

Ready to revolutionize your Lodgify experience?

Embed DropInBlog into your website now and open the door to new opportunities. Boost your online presence and create meaningful connections with your audience. Seamlessly fuse DropInBlog, turning your website into the key to unforgettable guest experiences.

Click here to begin your journey with DropInBlog.

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