In Home Guest Experience with Wine Tasting

Add Additional Revenue Streams With Our New Houstr Integration

Amid the madness of managing a rental property, finding new avenues to boost your income without adding to your workload is the secret to sustainably scaling your business. The key? Transforming your property into more than just a stay.

For forward-thinking property owners eager to tap into every opportunity, there’s a way to make your guests’ stay more enriching while padding your profits. However, you’ll need a tool like Houstr to help turn your property into a marketplace of possibilities.

Here’s what to know and how to make the most of our new Houstr integration!

What is Houstr?

Houstr transforms property management by enabling owners to generate additional income through a unique marketplace. The platform lets guests purchase items, upsells, and experiences directly from their rental home.

Collaborating with over 10,000 companies and brands across North America, Houstr ensures your marketplace is stocked with diverse and appealing options. Whether it’s a local wine-tasting experience or comfy artisanal throws, your guests can indulge in some retail therapy during their stay.

In Home Guest Experience with Wine Tasting

And the best part? You earn up to 100% commission on every sale made.

Beyond boosting your bottom line through sales, Houstr also grants you access to the Houstr Host Store. Here, you can snag in-home items at sweet discounts, enhancing your property’s appeal while managing costs.

What advantages does Houstr offer?

Houstr’s features are designed to help you unlock additional income by creating a versatile marketplace right within your home. Here’s how that benefits your bottom line.

Save big with the Houstr Host Store

With the Houstr Host Store, property owners can access in-home items from thousands of renowned brands at discounted prices. This feature is great for anyone looking to furnish or upgrade their properties without breaking the bank.

Tailored guest stores

Houstr lets you offer your guests a personalized shopping experience by allowing you to create individual guest stores organized into user-friendly categories. Whether offering them local delicacies, handcrafted decor, or in-home experiences, crafting these unique stores opens up new revenue streams that would otherwise be complex and time-consuming to set up.

Leverage Amazon and affiliate upsells

Why stop at what you can offer directly when you can monetize virtually any item in your home? By linking products on Amazon directly to your guest stores, Houstr enables you to earn from any Amazon purchases your guests make after clicking on your Amazon links located in your Houstr stores.

Take control with self-managed upsells

Houstr also empowers you to sell your own products, services, and experiences directly to guests. From bespoke tours to homemade goods, you can showcase what makes staying at your property unique. And with automated, customizable messaging, transactions are smooth, instantly notifying you and your team to ensure seamless delivery.

Maximize earnings with full purchase commission

Earn commission on all your guests’ purchases across any item they find through your store—up to 90 days after their visit. This extended commission window means that your property generates income long after your guests have returned home.

How much does Houstr cost?

Houstr is free for the first 60 days, then $15/month for unlimited stores and upsells.

Integrating Lodgify with Houstr

There is no direct integration required to get started! All you need to do is sign up for Houstr using our Lodgify referral link. Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a Houstr account through this link.
  • Navigate the dashboard with the help of a self-guided demo.
  • Create a Guest Store tailored to your property.
  • Populate the Guest Store with desired items.
  • Share the marketplace with guests via messaging or QR code.

Our partnership with Houstr is designed to streamline the monetization process for property owners, helping you unlock a world of revenue opportunities while enhancing guest experience and satisfaction.

Ready to elevate your property management strategy and reap the rewards with seamless integration and hassle-free monetization? Integrate Houstr with your Lodgify account today.

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