How to Market Your Vacation Rental to Couples

Couples who travel together are scientifically proven to have a deeper connection. Pair that with the $8 billion per year that US newlyweds spend on honeymoons, and you’ll soon understand why couples are the next guest demographic you need to target.

Given that lots of couples travel to celebrate a special event – like an anniversary or birthday – there are plenty of ways you can grab their attention and market your property directly for romantic getaways. Here are seven ideas which will transform your vacation rental into an irresistible couples retreat.

1. Upgrade your amenities

One of the best ways to grab guest attention is through the amenities you offer which easily differentiate your property from the competition. According to, hot tubs are one of the top amenities you can add to your property to increase its value. A hot tub is a feasible investment for owners with limited outdoor spaces and can boost nightly value by at least $31 per night per room. What’s more, the addition of a hot tub can instantly turn a regular rental into a romantic destination.

2. Run couples campaigns

While each pair of travelers will have their own special dates to remember, you can create a buzz to entice more couples to your property during specific holidays when you run marketing campaigns. Besides the more obvious Valentine’s Day promotions, you can think about setting special prices or offers for other important holidays like July 4th, Labor Day or even Christmas.

Think about sending out an email marketing campaign in the run-up to these dates to gauge attention early on. Additionally, create banners to share the deal on social media and make sure all marketing efforts direct guests straight to your vacation rental website.

3. Hire a professional stager and photographer

When searching for couple-friendly accommodation, travelers pay keen attention to the finest details. As they’ll be judging your property solely on its photos and description, you need to ensure they are high quality. If your pictures are currently looking a bit past their sell-by date, it’s time to take action. But before hiring a professional photographer, you should think about investing in a professional stager.

This interior expert will know exactly how to stage your rooms to make it highly appealing to lovebirds. Whether that’s with matching robes hung up in the bathroom, a pair of bicycles in the garage or even just the fluffiest looking pillows on a perfectly tucked king-size bed. This will help make your property look cozy and inviting for the traveling couple, and persuade them into booking your place.

4. Offer a special honeymoon or mini-moon package

Statistics show a whopping 99% of US newlyweds take a honeymoon, and the most popular destinations are Las Vegas, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Jamaica. That’s not to say they are limited to these places, either!

Wherever your rental is located, you can encourage more couple bookings by offering a honeymoon or mini-moon package. This could include special extras such as massages, private chef services or breakfast in bed at a tempting price.

5. Provide a romantic welcome basket

All guests like freebies, but couples will appreciate them even more when it shows you’ve truly thought about how to make their stay romantic. Fill a welcome basket or hamper with goodies such as scented candles, bath oils, a bottle of wine, dark chocolate and other aphrodisiac foods to go the extra mile. Be sure to include pictures of this welcome hamper in your website photo gallery, or offer it as an add-on at the checkout for those looking to surprise their other half.

6. Showcase reviews from other couples on your homepage

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Another hugely effective technique in persuading couples to book your property? Highlight reviews from previous partner guests on your homepage. Real-life testimonials of how much other couples have enjoyed your rental are gold for encouraging others to reserve. Ensure you ask each and every guest (especially the couples) for a review upon departure to be able to publish these great comments on your website.

7. Offer late check-out

Being hurried out of a vacation rental after the last night of a romantic getaway isn’t the ideal way to end a trip. Let loved-up guests enjoy their final night away from reality by offering late check-out as part of the package. It costs you nothing to let them lie in – and will help guests to depart feeling relaxed instead of rushed. The lasting impression you create with your five-star service is what travelers will remember, and small touches like this will definitely help your property to stand out.

Overall, it doesn’t have to be difficult (or expensive) to market your vacation rental to couples. Start attracting more traveling duos to your property when you follow the tips above. When couples are one of the largest growing travel segments out there, vacation rental owners have nothing to lose and a lot of bookings to gain.

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