Staying up-to-date with industry news is extremely important when you’re a vacation rental manager or Airbnb host. But where should you look to find the right information?

We’ve put together this list of our favorite Airbnb blogs to help keep all hosts in the know. Check out the full 15 below!

1. The Airbnb Blog

Covering everything from host success tips to travel inspiration and company news, The Airbnb Blog is a great resource for beginner and experienced hosts alike. For ease of navigation, Airbnb have split their blog’s content into categories. These include: news; wanderlust; hospitality; local lens; events; stories and trust & safety. Plus, all content is available in over 10 languages.

2. LearnAirbnb

Expert hosting duo Jim Breese and Symon He are the brains behind this Airbnb blog. As well as informative posts on just about everything Airbnb-related (insurance, safety, cleaning – you name it, they’ve written about it), LearnAirbnb also runs a host masterclass with live Q&As and listing workshops.

3. AirbnbSecrets

In this blog, Dany Papineau shares his insider secrets to running a successful Airbnb and generating multiple six-figure incomes. As well as frequent blog posts bursting full of tips to turn you into an overnight Airbnb pro, he also runs step-by-step online courses for hosts.

4. The Abundant Host

On her blog, The Abundant Host (aka Amy) shares a wealth of knowledge based on her own experience Airbnb hosting. It’s split up into sections such as best practices, hosting tips, rookie mistakes and home design, so readers can find their way around easily.

5. 1 Chic Retreat

Stuck for ideas on how to decorate your property before listing it on Airbnb? 1 Chic Retreat can help. In fact, Mercedes Brennan can help with just about anything that involves interior design and getting more bookings!

6. Get Paid for Your Pad

Jasper Ribbers’ blog, Get Paid for Your Pad, teaches Airbnb hosts to get more bookings, appear higher up in search results, increase income and save time. Sounds good, right?

7. Guesty

The Guesty blog is packed with content regarding Airbnb features, profile help and hosting advice, plus a section where they showcase local property managers in different countries and cities.

8. Airdna

While covering some of the usual hosting tips categories on the Airdna blog, their speciality really lies in data and analytics. Want to know about Airbnb numbers? Look no further for 98.8% accuracy!

9. Pillow

Covering just about everything in the vacation rental sphere, Pillow’s blog shows hosts how to do everything from hiring the right cleaning company to making small rooms look bigger.

10. MetroButler

Always up-to-date on the latest Airbnb technology news, MetroButler’s blog will keep you in the know when it comes to new features and integrations. Their data-heavy posts show you how to make the most of Airbnb without breaking any regulations.

11. Ourbnb

The Ourbnb site is run by Phil and Fiona who are Airbnb superhosts in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Mixing interior design tips with guest stories and news, Ourbnb covers everything needed to become a superhost like them.

12. Everbooked

Everbooked’s blog does exactly what you’d think – helps owners book up their reservation calendars. Featuring all you need to know about Airbnb current affairs, plus multiple guest posts from big names in the industry.

13. Airbnb Guide

From Airbnb customer service details to house rules and guest review templates, find everything you need for a smooth hosting experience and maximized profits.

14. GuestReady

Not just an Airbnb management agency that’s trusted by owners across the world, GuestReady’s blog also helps owners like you prepare your rental for incoming guests, paving the way for anyone to become a Superhost.

15. Laptop Landlord

This eight-chapter guide brings together the best in Airbnb tips and tricks from all over the internet in one handy place.

Bonus: Airbnb forums

As well as Airbnb blogs, there are a few forums we really recommend checking out for all your Airbnb hosting needs. These communities are built around hosts helping one another out with everything from optimizing listings to spotting potential scams.

16. Airbnb Community

The Airbnb Community forum is a place for all hosts to explore tips and tricks, connect locally via meetups and clubs and get support from others, or provide support to your fellow hosts. It’s easy to start a conversation or contribute to existing ones.

17. AirHostsForum

Although not officially affiliated with Airbnb, the AirHostsForum is continuously growing from strength to strength, and now has around 5,000 active members and more than 96,000 posts, covering all sorts of topics and queries related to Airbnb hosting.

18. Airbnb Subreddit

Reddit hosts tight-knit communities of passionate individuals. But beware: Reddit users aren’t big fans of self-promotion. Join and engage with the Reddit community to get help for all your burning Airbnb questions.

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