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The Best Airbnb Pricing Tools of 2024

Navigating the complexities of pricing can make or break your success as an Airbnb host. However, you no longer have to guess when setting your rates. Smart, AI-driven Airbnb pricing tools mean the guesswork around setting the perfect rate is becoming a thing of the past.

Scared by the idea of letting an algorithm determine your prices? That’s understandable. However, if you knew just how advanced and powerful these types of pricing tools are, you might be more convinced of just how helpful they can be in optimizing your rates to boost bookings and revenue.

Choosing the right tool can make all the difference, though. Follow along as we explore some of the best Airbnb pricing tools of 2024, highlighting those that stand out for their features, efficiency, and ability to boost both occupancy and revenue.

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What are Airbnb pricing tools?

Airbnb pricing tools are essentially software solutions designed to help hosts optimize their listing prices based on various market factors.

They analyze a wealth of data, including seasonality, local demand, and competitor pricing, to recommend the most effective rates for your listings. By leveraging such insights, you can adjust your prices in real-time (or let the software do it for you, rather), ensuring you remain competitive while maximizing your income potential.

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Ultimately, what’s so great about using an Airbnb pricing tool instead of setting your own rates manually is that they take the heavy lifting out of crafting a pricing strategy, allowing you to focus more on other aspects of your business—like providing exceptional guest experiences rather than crunching numbers.

Nearly every dynamic pricing tool on the market allows you to adjust their suggested rates accordingly, so it’s not like you’re tied to a specific price or strategy. Instead, they simply do the analysis for you and provide you with a great starting base.

Factors to consider when choosing between Airbnb pricing tools

We’re going to be honest with you, most Airbnb pricing tools offer very similar features. While that might make it seem like it’s easier to choose the right one, it ultimately means you need to ensure you’re looking at the details to ensure you choose the tool best suited to your Airbnb business.

Unsure what to look for when comparing pricing software and tools? Here are a few things to consider.

Integration capabilities

A top-tier Airbnb pricing tool should seamlessly integrate with Airbnb and potentially other vacation rental platforms you use.

This integration ensures that your pricing updates are automatically synced across all your listings, saving you time and reducing the risk of pricing discrepancies that could deter potential guests.

Real-time market data analysis

The ability to analyze real-time market data and adjust prices dynamically is what makes these tools so useful, so if a tool you’re considering doesn’t offer this, it’s best to look for another.

The best tools look at vast amounts of data, including trends in local demand and competitor pricing, to recommend optimal pricing strategies. This dynamic approach is what ensures you’re actually staying ahead in a constantly changing market.

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Ease of use and customer support

Even the most powerful tool can become a liability if it’s too complex to use effectively. The ideal Airbnb pricing tool combines advanced capabilities with user-friendly design, ensuring you (or your team) can easily navigate and utilize its features.

Robust customer support is also essential, providing guidance and assistance whenever needed. This is especially important if you’re using a tool that’s part of vacation rental software and you think you’ll need assistance with other features, too.

Pricing structure and scalability

Finally, it goes without saying that cost is an important factor, too. Consider the tool’s pricing structure and its scalability to accommodate your portfolio’s size, whether you’re managing a single property or multiple listings.

The best Airbnb pricing tools

Now that you know what to look for, where should you start looking? We’ve compiled a list of the top four Airbnb pricing tools on the market, suitable for different types of vacation rental business owners and pricing strategies. Take a look at what makes each unique.

Airbnb Smart Pricing

Airbnb Smart Pricing offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for hosts exclusively listing on Airbnb, aiming to enhance their occupancy rates.

Embedded directly within the Airbnb dashboard, this tool is accessible to any host with an active listing. By enabling Smart Pricing under the “Pricing and Availability” tab, Airbnb’s algorithms take the reins, adjusting your rates to optimize for bookings.

While hosts can set minimum rates and retain the option to manually adjust prices, it’s worth noting that Smart Pricing primarily seeks to boost Airbnb’s overall bookings.

Despite its aim to increase occupancy, some hosts find that external tools may offer more lucrative rate recommendations, especially since Airbnb’s algorithm is ultimately designed to benefit the platform itself (one host even commented that the tool’s minimums were way too low, and another said “you’re probably leaving money on the table if you’re using the built-in tool”).

Nonetheless, for those seeking a straightforward pricing assistant, Airbnb Smart Pricing could be a solid option, though it operates exclusively within the Airbnb platform without integration into property management systems.

Lodgify Dynamic Pricing

Lodgify Dynamic Pricing is an all-encompassing pricing solution for vacation rental hosts seeking to maximize their earnings with minimal fuss.

This tool intelligently adjusts rates by analyzing an extensive array of factors such as market demand, seasonal trends, and specific weekdays, ensuring your listings remain competitive at all times.

Lodgify Dynamic Pricing

Its dynamic nature allows for automatic Airbnb rate updates in response to shifting market conditions while still providing the option for hosts to set their own pricing limits or make manual adjustments.

What makes Lodgify Dynamic Pricing stand out as one of the best Airbnb pricing tools is its unique pricing structure—you pay a modest 0.8% commission only upon successful bookings. Additionally, it draws on a robust database built from over a decade of insights and millions of bookings, meaning it’s well-built to help you refine your pricing strategy to perfection.


Beyond, previously known as Beyond Pricing, also offers comprehensive market analysis, comparing rates with similar listings to generate pricing recommendations aimed at maximizing profitability.

Incorporating factors like local events, seasonal fluctuations, and weekly trends, Beyond’s Using the tool, you can push updated rates directly to your property management system or directly to platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo.

While this is incredibly helpful, it’s important to clarify that this means Beyond does not offer other property management features or capabilities as Lodgify does. Similar to Airbnb Smart Pricing, it is an add-on tool that you can connect to your property management software.

While the platform is quite user-friendly, Beyond’s services are concentrated within its operational regions, meaning you will have to check the Beyond market locator to ensure you’re able to use it in your region (it’s unavailable in a lot of major cities in Europe, for example).

The fee to use Beyond is 1% of each booking.

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PriceLabs caters to hosts looking for more granular control over their pricing strategy.

Despite its interface not being the sleekest, PriceLabs compensates with features that allow for detailed rule-setting based on occupancy levels, booking windows and even specific conditions like minimum stay requirements.

The best part is that it integrates directly with various property management systems, including Lodgify, as well as platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo.

The pricing model is quite straightforward as well, charging a monthly fee that varies according to the number of units managed—starting at $19.99 for a single unit. Note that pricing also varies depending on where your rentals are located, so check accordingly (and closely)!

You can access portfolio analytics for free, but that doesn’t come with any additional features.

Tips for maximizing your revenue with Airbnb pricing software

Maximizing revenue with Airbnb pricing software involves more than just setting it and forgetting it. While you can do that (at least with the right tool), it’s best to take a strategic approach to smart pricing strategies and ensure you’re leveraging the full capabilities of your chosen tool.

Here are some key tips to help you get the most out of your Airbnb pricing software:

Understand your market

Before diving into dynamic pricing, take the time to understand your local market. This includes peak seasons, major events, and typical guest booking behaviors. Use this knowledge with your pricing tool’s data to fine-tune your strategy.

Set clear minimum and maximum prices

Protect your profitability by setting clear minimum rates that cover your costs and desired profit margin. Similarly, establish maximum prices based on market peaks to avoid pricing yourself out of the market during high-demand periods.  Mass tourism

Utilize all available customization options

Make full use of the customization features offered by your Airbnb pricing tool. Whether it’s adjusting for last-minute bookings, setting prices for specific days of the week, or creating promotions for longer stays, these adjustments can help optimize your occupancy and revenue.

Monitor performance

Regularly review your performance metrics through the software’s dashboard. Pay attention to occupancy rates, average daily rates, and revenue trends. Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on what the data tells you about your pricing effectiveness.

Experiment and learn

Again, dynamic pricing strategies for Airbnb definitely aren’t a one-time thing you do and move on from. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different pricing strategies to see what works best for your listing.

Seasonal adjustments, special promotions, and varying minimum stay requirements can all impact your success. Use the analytics from your Airbnb pricing software to learn from each experiment and refine your approach!

Try Lodgify Dynamic Pricing

As a host interested in maximizing your revenue and occupancy rate, you’re likely interested in optimizing and improving other metrics in your vacation rental business, too. That’s why we ultimately suggest choosing an Airbnb pricing tool that integrates with your vacation rental software.

Better yet, choose a tool that is already connected to your software, which is exactly what you get when you choose Lodgify Dynamic Pricing. By choosing Lodgify, you gain access to advanced market analysis and customizable pricing options, all within a user-friendly platform.

Elevate your rental business by signing up for a free Lodgify trial today and experience firsthand how Lodgify Dynamic Pricing can boost your profitability and operational efficiency. While you’re here, download our free Airbnb host guide for more tips and insider insights.

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