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Lodgify Partners with DACK to Simplify Home Automation

Are you tired of repetitive tasks like messaging, managing WiFi passwords, and overseeing check-ins and check-outs for your vacation rental? As a short-term rental owner or property manager, providing an unforgettable guest experience is essential for building loyalty.

But hosting can be overwhelming with multiple bookings and guest demands. Fear not, because our valued partner, DACK, has your back!

DACK is a mobile-first guest experience platform that offers a range of services to property operators. With DACK, you can delight your guests with digital access, contactless check-in and checkout, property guides, one-touch WiFi, local recommendations, and dynamic upsells – all through a user-friendly mobile application.

What is DACK?

DACK’s mission is to enhance stay experiences. Through the DACK Guest App, you can streamline check-ins, access guest information, and create personalized property guides and stay instructions.

Additionally, DACK allows you to automate home devices for easier monitoring. It serves as a comprehensive guest companion and revenue generation software during stays. Enable a digital guest experience, save costs with IoT automation, and generate additional revenue from every booking.

What are the benefits of using DACK?

Digital property guide

DACK offers an incredibly user-friendly and mobile-first digital property guide that caters to all your guests’ needs during their stay. Say goodbye to printing binders and handling repetitive phone calls. With DACK, you can effortlessly include all property details, creating a personalized guide for your guests.

You can also enhance their experience by adding images, videos, and step-by-step instructions they can access at their fingertips. No need for tablets, laptops, or TVs—just the technology they’re most comfortable with: their phone.

DACK’s one-touch WiFi feature enables guests to quickly connect online upon arrival. Additionally, they can access maps and rideshare services effortlessly, ensuring smooth navigation to their accommodation.

digital guide


Stay enhancements and upsells

Boost guest satisfaction and receive better reviews using DACK’s impressive upsell platform. Customize a diverse selection of accommodation options to cater to your guests’ unique preferences. The user-friendly operator portal allows guests to effortlessly browse and book various services and extras.

You can also grant early access to your properties by simply approving their early check-in requests and updating their check-in time on their digitally connected smart locks with just a few clicks.

If managing and providing upsells isn’t your preference, seamlessly connect DACK to trusted partners like BabyQuip, Viator, Bounce, and Moun.

stay enchancement


Digital access and smart locks

Experience the convenience of Smart Access with DACK’s industry-leading digital lock management solutions. Automatically assign unique digital keys and keycodes upon reservation, compatible with digitally connected smart locks.

Guests can receive keycodes or unlock their units with a simple click in the DACK app. Regardless of property type, DACK’s Access Point solution adapts seamlessly to single-family, multi-unit, or commercial properties.

You can also ensure your property’s security with DACK’s comprehensive monitoring features. Keep track of staff access and take swift action if necessary to maintain guest and property safety.

access screen

Guest verification

Experience peace of mind with DACK’s powerful guest verification solution, ensuring that every guest is fully verified before staying at your property. Their comprehensive verification process includes phone and email verification, as well as biometric ID scanning and facial recognition. This additional level of guest verification guarantees that every guest is who they claim to be, significantly reducing the risk of chargebacks, fraud, and crime.

Guest verification might entail extra steps for guests, but with DACK, the process is simple. Once guests verify their identities, they gain the convenience of checking in anywhere for future stays.

Through their app, returning guests are automatically verified, streamlining the check-in process for repeat stays.

guest verification


Smart home monitoring and controls

DACK’s noise monitoring integration offers you an added layer of security, ensuring unruly parties are a thing of the past. Customize alerts to receive auto-notifications when noise levels exceed your preset limits enabling you to promptly address any potential disturbances and maintain a peaceful environment for all guests.

You can experience even greater energy savings with DACK’s smart switches and lights. Effortlessly control them remotely through the operator portal, not only saving energy but also deterring unwanted activities and parties.

How much does DACK cost?

Discover the remarkable affordability of DACK’s solutions, tailored to your needs, regardless of the number of units you have.

Starting at just $10 per door per month, you can access their features. Embrace even greater potential with smart locks and thermostats, available from only $12 per door.

And if scaling is on your horizon, rest assured that DACK will grow with you, ensuring your pricing remains consistent as your business expands.

For larger managers seeking personalized branding, DACK offers specialized plans. It’s all about pricing that perfectly fits YOU and your aspirations.

How to get started with DACK?

Get started immediately with the seamless integration of DACK and Lodgify. This integration enables your properties and reservations to be effortlessly imported automatically, streamlining administrative tasks.

Guest details are seamlessly transferred, facilitating personalized and efficient communication. With the automation feature, every guest receives the DACK app or weblink, granting them control over their stay and enhancing their overall experience.

The combination of DACK and Lodgify empowers property managers to deliver top-notch service while ensuring guests enjoy a smooth, convenient, and unforgettable stay.

To request a demo and learn more about this integration, simply fill out the form at https://www.dackinc.com/demo-request. Their sales team will promptly reach out to you and guide you through the sign-up process.

For more information, check out our Knowledge Base article for a more detailed explanation to get connected.

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