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Lodgify Product Updates: A New Website Builder with Style(s)!

Despite July being recorded as the world’s hottest month ever, we’re harnessing the energy of this summer season to bring you a range of enhancements that will elevate the way you manage your vacation rental business

This month, there’s a brand new (and still improving) look to the Lodgify Website Builder, which will further ease the listing and website-building process. Additionally, we’ve also updated the mobile app with several new features, with a focus on improving the user interface.

So, let’s discover how Lodgify’s latest wave of exciting product updates has advanced the property manager experience for our users this summer!

Website Builder: Customization just got even easier!

We’re thrilled to announce a sleek transformation of our Website Builder, and this is just the beginning! As part of our commitment to providing you with the best tools for success, we’ve taken your feedback to heart and have made enhancements to streamline the website-building process.

The Templates and Design sections have been combined into a brand-new, seamless section called Styles. With this update, managing your website’s appearance has never been more intuitive and enjoyable. Not only have we polished the user interface to deliver a smoother experience, but we’ve also amped up the overall aesthetics to help make your website truly shine.

You can now modify your website’s colors to match that of your brand. In addition, you have a larger selection of fonts to choose from, and you have the ability to personalize your ‘Book Now’ button, from selecting custom colors to the shape of the button.

And we’re not done yet! Users can expect more updates to the Website Builder over the next few weeks!

Mobile app: Small changes, big improvements

We’ve also got an amazing new feature that will make managing reservations a breeze. Introducing our Reservation Review! Now, when you dive into your bookings in the mobile app, you’ll be greeted with a comprehensive summary of the credit card used for payment. No more guesswork or digging through paperwork!

Credit Card Info Lodgify

You’ll have access to essential details, including the last four digits of the card, the cardholder’s name, the card type (whether it’s Visa, Mastercard, or any other), and the expiration date, providing you with the vital information you need right at your fingertips.

Detection of phone numbers

The Lodgify mobile app has now been equipped with the ability to detect phone numbers in your inbox messages. This means that managing your communication with guests has never been easier or more efficient. Once the app identifies a phone number, you’ll be given an array of options to choose from.

Phone number detection Lodgify App

Whether you wish to send a quick text message, make a seamless call, effortlessly add the number to your contacts, or just copy it for future reference, we’ve got you covered!

New process for entering phone numbers

Say hello to our brand-new phone number input feature, which not only boasts a sleek and modern user interface but also improves the way we validate phone numbers. No more hassle with incorrect formats or pesky bugs related to country code prefixes. With this feature, we’ve made it easier than ever for you and your guests to input their contact information accurately.

Sync improvement for PM Modules

Our product team has tackled the synchronization issues that the PM Modules were sometimes prone to, ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation for all our valued users. No longer will you have to worry about missing fees or taxes on your statements, as we’ve successfully implemented a comprehensive fix to put those concerns to rest.

Key takeaways

With our enhanced website builder, creating beautiful, user-friendly websites has never been easier, helping you convert clicks into bookings. On top of that, our mobile app makeover has taken guest communication and management on the go to a higher level. Jump in and try those new features now!

If you’re looking for vacation rental software to help scale your business and are yet to try Lodgify, why not sign up for a commitment-free 7-day trial? Alternatively, you can register for a personalized product demo call with one of our agents or try our features with a demo account.

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