Navigating the vacation rental software market for the first time can be a minefield. With new players popping up regularly, the decision can be overwhelming.

Recent research into the adoption of property management technology solutions showed that whilst nine out of 10 of property managers with over 100 properties are using software for their business operations, only 29% of those with under 10 properties do.

These figures are changing every day, as an increasing number of property owners and managers begin to understand the importance of software for improving their daily operations.

There are many advantages to using vacation rental software. Perhaps most notably, technology can increase your direct bookings while reducing time spent on manual tasks.

According to eMarketer research, two-thirds of US internet users often consult reviews before making a purchase. To make it easier for vacation rental owners who are still in the decision-making process, we’ve put together this list of the top places to find Lodgify reviews by users of our software.

Where to Read Lodgify Reviews

There are plenty of software review websites where users can compare products and their features. Below you’ll find a list of the top places to find reviews for Lodgify.


Capterra is a free tool which helps millions of people find the best software for their business. Besides software reviews and ratings, Capterra also produces infographics, articles and guides which can help users make an informed decision. Capterra divides software into different categories for easy navigation.

Find Lodgify on Capterra


GetApp describes itself as an ecosystem of business app and software discovery platforms. The optimized website design allows users to see – at a glance – the main pros and cons, overall rating and how many users would recommend each software to a friend or colleague.

Find Lodgify on GetApp

Software Advice

Given its name, it’s no surprise that you can also find Lodgify reviews on the Software Advice website. They have already helped over 640,000 businesses from different sectors make their software decision, thanks to the 500,000+ reviews on their site. Potential users can compare pricing, functionality and more on their platform.

Find Lodgify on Software Advice

Get Paid for Your Pad

Jasper Ribbers, an Airbnb Superhost, runs the Get Paid for Your Pad website. As well as providing helpful tips on optimizing Airbnb listings, GPFYP has a popular tools and resources section where Jasper himself thoroughly tests and reviews different products and software services.

Find Lodgify on Get Paid for Your Pad


NeedMoreRentals provides marketing and practical advice for holiday rental owners and managers. Along with these tips, the site also publishes in-depth reviews for different software types and their main functions. Amongst these, NeedMoreRentals has reviewed Lodgify’s website builder and its channel manager.

Find Lodgify on NeedMoreRentals


The FitSmallBusiness mission is to provide small business owners with the information they need to succeed – including software reviews. They compile software summaries using reviews from across the web, including information on what each software does well, the most helpful positive and negative reviews and an overview of the product.

Find Lodgify on FitSmallBusiness

Summary: Reviews play an important role

More than ever before, new businesses require confirmation they can trust services to provide the necessary functions (and a great customer experience) before purchasing any type of software or tool. By reading software reviews on third-party websites, vacation rental professionals can get a real insight into the experiences others have had with each provider or company.

Just as vacation rental owners rely on past reviews to encourage future guests to make a booking, they also rely on their peers’ opinions to inform their own business choices. We hope this roundup of where to find Lodgify reviews is helpful. We love hearing our users’ feedback – you can write to us directly via or use

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