Lodgify Reviews: Where to Find Us and Compare Online

Navigating the vacation rental software market for the first time can be a minefield. With new players popping up regularly, the number of options can be overwhelming. However, with Lodgify’s reviews, owners and managers can decide for themselves whether investing in vacation rental software is right for their business.

There are many advantages to using vacation rental software. Perhaps most notably, the technology can increase your direct bookings while reducing time spent on manual tasks.

According to Trustmary, 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions. To make it easier for vacation rental owners who are still in the decision-making process, we’ve put together this list of the top places to find Lodgify reviews by users of our software.

Why are Lodgify reviews so important?

We know how important online reviews are and how they’ve become a big part of the buying process. We want users to have access to unbiased information, as well as insights into the quality and experience of our software.

Over the years, the importance of referral marketing (also known as word-of-mouth marketing) has grown significantly. Despite our hyper-digitalized world, society still values the genuine opinions of other people.

Although everyone has access to our free 7-day trial and can easily book a free demo, reviews about Lodgify from our customer base can help people get a better sense of what it’s like to use our rental software and how it can benefit their vacation rental business.

Where to read Lodgify reviews

It’s always important to read multiple opinions to get a more holistic view of the product. There are plenty of software review websites where users can compare products and their features. Below you’ll find a list of the top places to find reviews for Lodgify.


Lodgify was featured in the latest year report for both popularity and as an established player. Lodgify has made the Capterra shortlist for vacation rental software, comparing well to its competitors in these categories.

Capterra is a free tool that helps millions of people find the best software for their business. Besides software reviews and ratings, Capterra also produces infographics, articles, and guides that help users make informed decisions. Capterra divides software into different categories for easy navigation.

Lodgify reviews on Capterra

Find Lodgify on Capterra

Google Reviews

As one of the top review sources in the world, Google shows an unbiased, easy-to-follow ranking system for viewers considering our product. It’s completely free and easy to upload reviews on Google so, as a result, the number of users is much greater.

Google Lodgify reviews


What people on Google are saying about Lodgify:

“It was sure awesome to have help with walking me through the Lodgify program and showing all the features it had. My Lodgify rep was very informative and made it easy for me to follow along plus made sure I understood what was being explained. This program is exactly what I have been looking for and is going to make my life a whole lot simpler. Thanks” – Elwin Stacey

“Lodgify has provided me with everything I need to run my property management company. The assist from the onboarding team was amazing, Andrew helped me set things up, he is super professional and knowledgeable as well as easy to work with. This was a definite 5-star experience! The whole overall experience so far has been amazing. I look forward to years of working with Lodgify.” – Wes Cottrell

Find Lodgify reviews on Google


Trustpilot brings users and businesses together to share, collaborate, and improve. They believe in the power of giving consumers a voice and building a transparent environment with no pre-moderation or censorship.

Trustpilot Lodgify reviews

What people on Trustpilot are saying about Lodgify:

“It works so well, keeping our many locations organized on both Airbnb and Booking.com would be an absolute nightmare if it wasn’t for the efforts put into Lodgify! The support staff is extremely knowledgeable (only needed them once) and the online help is very exhaustive and detailed. If you are trying to juggle more than one booking site for your accommodation on your own, do yourself a favor and use Lodgify.” – Wayne, Australia

“Really impressed by both the user-friendly menus to easily synch bookings and for website creation, together with fantastic support from the team to sort out issues and to interface with other vendors’ support staff, like booking.com, on my behalf. I would not be able to sort these issues out with the 3rd party companies on my own” – Gerry, U.K.

Find Lodgify reviews on Trustpilot


GetApp describes itself as an ecosystem of business apps and software discovery platforms. The optimized website design allows users to see – at a glance – the main pros and cons, overall rating, and how many users would recommend each software to a friend or colleague. GetApp Lodgify reviews

What people on GetApp are saying about Lodgify:

“I am super impressed with Lodgify. I purchased it to start managing our vacation rental home ourselves and it has been so impressive from the start.” – Jessica G.

“The software is pretty easy to use, once you get the hang of it. My favorite thing about this company is the amazing and awesome support team.” – Tammy B.

Find Lodgify on GetApp

Software Advice

Given its name, it’s no surprise that you can also find Lodgify reviews on the Software Advice website. They have already helped over 640,000 businesses from different sectors make their software decision, thanks to the 500,000+ reviews on their site. Potential users can compare pricing, functionality and more on their platform.

Software Advice Lodgify reviews

What people on Software Advice are saying about Lodgify:

“I think it is a valuable tool for ensuring consistency across platforms, saving time, and reducing missteps. The value for money is solid. Onboarding was very good.” – Joe

“Lodgify onboarding staff was very knowledgeable, punctual, and efficient. You could tell they do this often. They were detailed on what they needed you to accomplish to complete the process.” – Morgan

Find Lodgify on Software Advice

Get Paid for Your Pad

Jasper Ribbers, an Airbnb Superhost, runs the Get Paid for Your Pad website. As well as providing helpful tips on optimizing Airbnb listings, GPFYP has a popular tools and resources section where Jasper himself thoroughly tests and reviews different products and software services.

Get Paid For Your Pad Lodgify review

What they’re saying about Lodgify on Get Paid for Your Pad:

“Look, Lodgify is a fantastic tool, to the point where it’s the ONLY vacation rental website creation tool I use because it does everything I want.” Jasper from Get Paid for Your Paid

Find Lodgify on Get Paid for Your Pad


NeedMoreRentals provides marketing and practical advice for vacation rental owners and managers. Along with these tips, the site also publishes in-depth reviews of different software types and their main functions. Among these, NeedMoreRentals has reviewed Lodgify’s website builder and its channel manager.

What they’re saying about Lodgify on NeedMoreRentals:

NeedMoreRentals displayed a comprehensive list of all the great features that Lodgify offers. Further, they emphasize the ease and ability to customize Lodgify’s website templates.

NeedMoreRentals Lodgify Review

Find Lodgify on NeedMoreRentals

Software World

Software World is a review platform specifically reserved for rating different software products. They showcase some of the top performers, giving detailed descriptions as well as a quantitative rating system.

Software World Lodgify review

What they’re saying about Lodgify on Software World:

“Support – first class. Responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. Template-driven so easy to set up. Nice integration with Booking.com and Airbnb so far. Good messaging system. I’m getting by with only the basic system right now but also know there is still more it can do so happy and not even using all the features.” – Simon B.

Find Lodgify on Software World


Padlifter is known as the world’s largest marketplace of short-term rental service providers. You’ll find products and services that were made for short-term rental professionals and streamline their operations.

Padlifter Lodgify review

What people on Padlifter are saying about Lodgify:

“A super nice system and what a great support team!” – Frédéric O.

“Everything you need to create a vacation rental website and manage all your bookings.” -Padlifter

Find Lodgify on Padlifter


FeaturedCustomers specializes in providing B2B Software and Service Customer References for users. They focus on SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise Businesses to help give clients a specialized review of each product.

FeaturedCustomers Lodgify review

What people on FeaturedCustomers think about Lodgify:

With 23 testimonials, 22 case studies, and 1129 reviews all vouching for Lodgify, totaling a 4.8-star rating, the users at FeaturedCustomers think quite highly of Lodgify.

“What I liked the most about Lodgify was the ability to create my own website and have a Channel Manager available, all on one platform.” – Philippe St-Pierre, Owner

Find Lodgify on FeaturedCustomers


SaaSworthy helps users make better product decisions based on unbiased and insightful reviews, comparisons, Q&As, social popularity, and buyer guides.

SaaSworthy Lodgify reviews


What people on SaaSworthy think about Lodgify:

“I already recommended it to a friend that’s now using it. Super interface and templates, and most, super help from the teams! ” – Françoise Laborde

“Without a doubt I recommend this system with all security, it is one of the most complete and versatile systems that I have been able to handle, even though I am not a very skilled person in the use of the internet.” – Jodie A

Find Lodgify on SaaSworthy


More than ever before, new businesses require confirmation they can trust services to provide the necessary functions (and great customer experiences) before purchasing any type of software or tool. By reading software reviews on third-party websites, vacation rental professionals can get a real insight into the experiences others have had with each provider or company.

Just as vacation rental owners rely on past reviews to encourage future guests to make a booking, they also rely on their peers’ opinions to inform their own business choices. We hope this roundup of where to find Lodgify reviews is helpful.

If you’ve already tried us, why not leave your own review too?

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