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Lodgify Partners with StayFi for Vacation Rental Wi-Fi Marketing Solutions

Picture a guest stepping into your vacation rental, brimming with excitement for their upcoming retreat. And what’s their immediate step? Connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Right then, you have an incredible chance to make a lasting impression.

As someone who hosts vacation rentals, you’re well aware of the importance of standing out. That’s precisely why we’re partnering with StayFi, renowned specialists in tailored marketing tools designed to capture guest emails for vacation rentals.

StayFi introduces a new level of personalization to the guest experience. With StayFi, you can establish a Wi-Fi network that truly reflects your brand, instantly captivating your guests. But it goes beyond just branding – StayFi empowers you with tools to gather essential data from all guests on your property.

These valuable insights enable you to fine-tune your hosting strategies and significantly boost direct bookings. Meanwhile, your guests are treated to a seamless and enhanced Wi-Fi experience.

What is StayFi?

StayFi is the leading Wi-Fi, email, and text marketing solution tailored for short-term rentals. StayFi’s advanced guest data capture technology effortlessly gathers crucial guest information by utilizing custom-designed Wi-Fi splash pages that showcase your brand. Additionally, StayFi provides integrated email and text marketing tools that have a proven track record of enhancing repeat direct bookings and generating revenue.

To get started, you will need to purchase the access point device that easily plugs into their existing router. Once set up, when a guest logs into the Wi-Fi, StayFi’s custom splash page will appear, inviting them to provide their email information.

What are the benefits of using StayFi?

Branded Guest Wi-Fi

Create a unique Wi-Fi splash page for every guest’s login. Enhance the attractiveness of your vacation rental with custom-designed splash pages that not only greet guests but also effortlessly gather essential information.

Personalize these pages with your brand’s identity, incorporating distinct colors, logos, and branding elements. Whether it’s distinct areas or individual rentals, you have the flexibility to craft multiple pages.

Furthermore, you can guide guests to websites of your preference, whether it’s your official site or Instagram profile. With branded guest Wi-Fi, leave a lasting impact while effortlessly accumulating information.

Splash pages

Email & SMS Marketing

In vacation rental management, emails hold a pivotal role. They are instrumental in communication and nurturing brand loyalty. StayFi’s email and text Marketing service empowers hosts to smoothly convert guests into loyal customers.

You have the ability to establish an email list, select from a diverse range of over 100 templates, and monitor engagement using Google Analytics. Moreover, if you’re already well-versed in email marketing, StayFi integrates seamlessly with the marketing tools you’re already accustomed to (such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, and more).


The SMS marketing aspect boasts an impressive open rate exceeding 98%, leading to increased bookings and reviews. Automated texts extend warm welcomes to guests and encourage 5-star reviews. This service nurtures connections, reengages past guests, and drives direct bookings, thereby significantly elevating the vacation rental business.

text messaging

Guest email list collection

Enhance your email address acquisition strategy by smoothly integrating it into your existing processes. Streamline the procedure by prompting guests to enter their email addresses during Wi-Fi login – and just like that, and you’ve built a list of every guest, not just the booker. You can even curate distinct lists for your loyal customers or specific target audiences.

With StayFi, hosts can easily collect guest information automatically. However, it’s important to remember that even though guests use Wi-Fi, they might want to keep their email private. This could make them hesitant about getting unwanted emails.

How much does StayFi Cost?

StayFi provides Wi-Fi access points customized to your requirements: UniFi Wi-Fi 6 Lite Access Point priced at $125.00, UniFi WiFi 6 Long Range Access Point at $205.00, and Indoor/Outdoor WiFi 6 Mesh Access Point.

You can choose from two models: Wi-Fi Marketing and Email Marketing.

  • The monthly cost of Wi-Fi Marketing varies depending on the number of active Access Points, starting at $10/month for 1 access point.
  • On the other hand, Email Marketing’s monthly charge is determined by the number of subscribers, with rates commencing at $15/month for 1-499 contacts.

Additionally, Text Marketing operates on a credit-based system designed for global text messaging.

StayFi goes beyond mere email capture; it empowers you to monitor your Wi-Fi and integrates with your email tools without any disruption.

For a more comprehensive understanding, don’t hesitate to explore their detailed pricing page available here.

How to integrate with StayFi?

Unleash seamless integration with StayFi and Lodgify to amplify property management. Benefit from the streamlined Import feature, incorporating properties into StayFi’s platform.

The sign-up process is straightforward. Visit StayFi’s website and complete the form at Your journey to enhanced property management starts here.

StayFi’s onboarding process is designed with users in mind, offering a seamless navigation experience with clear, user-friendly instructions.

Next, easily connect a UniFi access point to your property router. You’re set to harness StayFi’s potential with Lodgify.

For more information, check out our Knowledge Base article for a more detailed explanation to get connected.

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