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StayFi Integration

Picture your guests preparing for a rejuvenating escape. Their first step? Connecting to your Wi-Fi network. This is a golden chance to make a memorable impression.

Recognizing the need to stand out in the vacation rental landscape, we’ve partnered with StayFi, experts in email capture tools for vacation rentals. StayFi brings a new level of personalization to guest experiences.

You can create a Wi-Fi network that embodies your brand, captivating guests and collecting essential data. Refine your strategies with these insights, boosting direct bookings and providing an enhanced Wi-Fi experience for guests.

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This integration requires both a StayFi and a Lodgify subscription.

Branded Guest Wi-Fi

Craft distinct Wi-Fi splash pages for each guest’s login. This will elevate the attractiveness of your vacation rental while effortlessly gathering essential information. These pages illustrate your brand with distinctive colors, logos, and branding elements. You have the flexibility to create multiple pages for various areas or rentals.

Moreover, you can direct guests to your preferred destinations, such as your official website or Instagram profile. With Branded Guest Wi-Fi, you can leave a lasting impression while effortlessly collecting email addresses from every guest, not just the booker.

splash page

Email & SMS Marketing

In vacation rental management, emails play a pivotal role in communication and fostering brand loyalty. StayFi’s Email and Text Promotion empowers hosts to adeptly convert guests into loyal customers.

Create an email list, choose from a variety of templates, and monitor engagement using Google Analytics. For those well-versed in email marketing, StayFi seamlessly integrates with platforms like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and others.

The SMS marketing facet boasts an impressive open rate exceeding 98%, driving additional bookings and reviews. Automated texts warmly welcome guests and encourage 5-star reviews. This service maintains connections, reengages with former guests, and stimulates direct bookings, significantly enhancing the vacation rental business

text messaging

Email Guest List Collection

Improve your email collection by smoothly integrating it into your existing processes. Simply ask guests for their email during Wi-Fi login – and voilà, you have a list. You can even make special lists for loyal customers or specific targets.

StayFi simplifies the guest information collection process. While it efficiently gathers the necessary data, it’s important to ensure guests feel comfortable with email usage, even though they require Wi-Fi access. To address this, StayFi offers guest-friendly options for email consent, making sure that your guests have a flawless experience without concerns about unsolicited emails.

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This integration requires both a StayFi and a Lodgify subscription.

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