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As your rental business grows, so does the list of tasks you need to complete between reservations. And, as more and more guests pass through your property, the wear and tear will mean more maintenance and upkeep as well. Finding a solution that will help automate these tasks will save you time and stress, so you can focus on what is most important, providing a great experience for your guests.

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This integration requires both a TIDY and a Lodgify subscription.

Automatically Schedule Jobs

No more stressing about calling your cleaning crew after a check-out and wondering if the tasks are really being done the way you would do them.  TIDY imports your reservations so that jobs are scheduled automatically after a guest checks-out and before the next check-in. You can also create tasks lists that specify how a job should be done and request image confirmation of when and how the task was completed, so your rental is kept up to your standards.

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Find a Professional and Track Payments

Is your regular cleaning or maintenance staff busy or on vacation? No worries, TIDY has a network of verified cleaners and maintenance professionals that you can match with to ensure you always have a plan B. Easily pay vendors the way you want and when you want, while also creating invoices and tracking funds so you keep an eagle eye on your finances.

Smart Property Assistant

Automate your cleaning and maintenance tasks with TIDY’s AI tools that will create a digital twin of your property. The system will proactively make suggestions on when tasks such as tree trimming and pool cleaning should be scheduled to prevent issues and save you money.

Cleaning & Maintenance Concierge

After syncing your tools you can use the TIDY Concierge to help orchestrate all your cleaning and maintenance activities at your property.

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This integration requires both a TIDY and a Lodgify subscription.

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