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SUPERHOG Integration

Add an extra layer of security by booking verified guests using the SUPERHOG integration. With SUPERHOG you can protect your property by only accepting reservations from members who have been verified through SUPERHOG. A rigorous verification process means that the guests staying in your home will treat it as if it’s their own.

SUPERHOG backs this promise with guaranteed coverage if there’s any property damage.


This integration requires both a SUPERHOG and a Lodgify subscription.

Verify guests

It’s important to know who you will be hosting. SUPERHOG’S verification system takes out the guesswork. With their thorough authentication process, you can book guests that you know are trustworthy and have a clean record with other short-term rentals. You can select guests that you know won’t be a problem for your property down the road.

Superhog verified guest

SUPERHOG has a fast, accurate and free ID verification tool that checks your guests independently from your booking platform. You need to know that your guests are who they say they are and SUPERHOG completes this process for you so you can focus on other elements of your business, like increasing bookings!

Look more professional

Guests who use SUPERHOG know how meticulous the verification process is. Both users, travelers, and hosts, must undergo an authentication in order to be verified. Getting the mark of approval means that your vacation home is exactly what it claims to be and what is more professional than that?

Free deposit

A large deposit hanging over one’s head might be enough to deter potential guests from booking. Deposits come with several hassles, such as an extended period for reimbursement and a chunk of change that’s better spent on holiday activities.

Eliminating the need for a deposit is a massive plus for guests and ultimately for the hosts. SUPERHOG backs all verified users with a deposit, so you don’t have to ask guests to put any extra funds down. Travelers can confidently book a trip without having to factor in a large sum of money for a deposit.

Property protection

Even if something does happen to your vacation rental, SUPERHOG will provide you with unrivaled protection. SUPERHOG covers up to 5 million dollars worth of property damage and 140,000 dollars for your contents if a verified guest damages your rental.

How the Lodgify Superhog integration works

No one wants to think it will happen to them, but if an incident does occur, you’re going to want to be prepared. SUPERHOG makes the process as painless as possible with a straightforward reporting tool. SUPERHOG keeps your property pristine by immediately resolving any damages that occur.

Get more bookings

If given a choice between a verified and unverified property, guests are far more likely to choose the more secure option. Being a verified property takes the unknowns out of reservations which is always a plus for guests. Prove that your property is as great as you claim it to be by getting verified with SUPERHOG today.


This integration requires both a SUPERHOG and a Lodgify subscription.

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