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Check-in Scan Integration

Looking for instant legal compliance when it comes to guest identity registration? Automate your guest registration process and comply instantly with local tourism laws and police regulations by using Check-in Scan. With over 2,5 Million guests registered to date, Check-in Scan’s software can help you save time and money by using a simple “Scan, Sign & Send” workflow.


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This integration requires both a Check-in Scan and a Lodgify subscription.

Automatic guest registration

Check-in Scan is focused on guest registration and instant legal compliance, ensuring you don’t receive fines for breaking any tourism laws in Spain and Portugal. Their guest registration form includes a high-quality and accurate document scanner where guests can scan their IDs and complete the registration form instantly, which is then passed on to the police.

Check-in Scan Guest Registration

Instant legal compliance with the police

The Check-in Scan software is optimized so that once the guest details are collected, they will be automatically sent to the police so you are instantly complying with local tourism laws. No more logging in to the glitchy and slow police websites; Check-in Scan software is carefully crafted, so if the police servers are down, Check-in Scan will keep your guest registration forms in a queue and send them when the police servers are back up. And, if you need any help researching which laws apply to your vacation rental, their hard-working support team will be able to help you figure it out.

*currently compatible with Policia Nacional, Guardia Civil, Mossos d’Esquadra, Ertzaintza & SEF (Portugal).

Check-in Scan Police Report

Not in Spain or Portugal?

Not a problem; you can still use Check-in Scan to verify your guests are who they say they are and collect their ID information. You also have the option to include your house rules in the registration form, which will require your guests to digitally sign and agree to. The forms will be saved in your Check-in Scan guestbook, which creates an exportable online ledger of all your guests and the terms they agreed to if you ever need to go back and reference it.

Check-in Scan ID Verification

How does the integration work?

Once you click connect, all your Lodgify properties and reservations will instantly be imported. If you have an existing Check-in Scan account with properties, don’t worry, you will just have to match the properties between both accounts. Any future updates in your Lodgify account will then be sent in real-time to Check-in Scan. You will only have to add your police/authority username and password for the properties if you want to send the guest information to the authorities.


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This integration requires both a Check-in Scan and a Lodgify subscription.

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