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When a booking comes through and you’ve got a new guest, you want to make sure they have everything they need during their stay and hopefully turn them into a repeating customer. Well, our partners at Enso Connect can help with that.

With the Enso Connect guest experience platform you can set up all the information your guests will need during their stay and configure automatic messaging throughout their journey. Monetize your guest experience with custom upsells, keep in touch even after they check out and encourage them to come back and book directly!

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This integration requires both an Enso Connect and a Lodgify subscription.

Boarding pass

A highly customizable web-based guest super app with your own branding, the Boarding Pass combines seven systems into one, including; guest verification, digital check-in, check-in automation, smart lock integrations, custom upsells, and digital guidebooks.

Ease the check-in process by allowing your guests to do a contactless check-in with or without smart locks, and if required you can run background checks using Enso Connect’s SUPERHOG or Autohost integrations.

Enso Connect Boarding Pass

Create digital guidebooks that will have all the answers to your guest questions, saving you from repeating yourself with every new guest. Let them explore the area and have a better experience by making collections of things to do and include local services or any affiliate links that you want to share with your guests. Let your guests book customized upsells directly from the Boarding Pass, before or during their stay and allow them to make the payment on the spot with the integration to your Stripe account.

CRM – Collect your own guest database

Data is very important in our digital world. With Enso Connect you can build your own database of guest details for direct communication and marketing. Build relationships and allow guests to skip the OTA fees to book directly with you next time. Personalize your offers and create workflows with “if this, then that” logic so that you can send specific messages to specific guests automatically.

AI-driven unified messaging

Not only can you schedule text, email, and WhatsApp messages automatically, but you can make AI work for your business. The Enso Connect software has a sentiment analysis feature that can measure the satisfaction of your guests by the messages they send you. You can segment your guests based on satisfaction to make sure you are sending review requests to happy customers only.

The context analysis feature allows you to identify areas in your business that require closer attention. And, predicted responses decrease your response times and eliminate typos and human error. Increase conversion of direct bookings by sending short and personalized bulk SMS messages as well as emails!

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This integration requires both an Enso Connect and a Lodgify subscription.

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