Airbnb API Integration

Connect Lodgify to your listings with our Airbnb API integration.

Airbnb Professional Integration

Use the Lodgify and Airbnb channel manager two-way connection to synchronize property data and instantly list your home on Airbnb.

Managing your vacation rental business is easy work when you can use one central reservation system for all your inquiries. Our API integration shares booking information, availabilities, rates and messages between Lodgify and Airbnb. As well as this, there is the option to synchronize listing details between the two platforms.

Double bookings and reservation mistakes will never happen again, thanks to real-time updates between your different channels.

Set up the integration and watch as Lodgify and Airbnb streamline your business operations.


This integration requires both Airbnb and Lodgify. Learn more.

Immediate updates

All your availabilities and reservations are up-to-date, all the time. Whenever you receive a booking on one channel, the other will automatically update to show your guests the most accurate availability.

Airbnb API integration

Work smarter, not harder

Save time on manual work with the Airbnb API integration. Create your listing in Airbnb from Lodgify with one click and your listings will synchronize automatically.

Airbnb API integration

Double bookings? Not here

Our two-way integration guarantees the most accurate calendar information across all your channels at all times. No longer will your listings (or your guests) be subject to potential errors such as double bookings.

Airbnb API integration

Set up and go

Connect your Lodgify account with Airbnb via our API integration quickly and easily. Best of all, the connection requires zero maintenance from your side. Advice is available from our dedicated connectivity team every step of the way.

What we synchronize with Airbnb

Sync your reservation and guest details. We import the total booking amount.

Our Airbnb API integration instantly syncs up to 18 months of availability.

Both default and seasonal rates are synchronized in Lodgify.

Images & Descriptions
With different room types in Lodgify, photos of the property and room type will be combined in Airbnb.

Messages to and from the guest are synchronized between both platforms.

You can also create a new Airbnb listing in Lodgify with just one click.


Please note: there are several requirements to meet in order to connect with Airbnb. If you want to know more, head over to our Knowledge Base and read the detailed user guide.


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