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Beyond Integration

Not sure what prices to set for your short-term rental properties? Lodgify’s integration with Beyond takes the guesswork out of pricing with their dynamic pricing algorithm.

Beyond is a powerful, dynamic pricing and revenue management software for short-term rental property managers and owners. Their data-driven tool automatically adjusts prices to maximize revenue and occupancy.

Set up the Lodgify and Beyond integration and start maximizing your pricing efficiency today!

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This integration requires both a Beyond and a Lodgify subscription.

Automate flexible prices based on real industry data

Beyond Pricing ADR Calculation

Beyond analyzes over a billion data points per day to calculate your daily rates, looking at factors that drive demand in your area such as seasonality, day of the week, and local demand. All rates are based on the Base Price you set in Beyond for your rental/listing.

Their tool saves you time by allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business instead of investigating competitors and manually adjusting your pricing.

Increase your revenue

Beyond Pricing Overview

Not only can you respond quickly to changes in supply and demand with Beyond, but you can also use it to effortlessly fill nights in between stays, capturing demand during those travel gaps. These additional bookings result in increased occupancy — on average, roughly 12% higher – and, as a result, higher revenue.

Boost the length of your stays

Beyond Pricing Dashboard

Fill gaps between two reservations and optimize revenue, use dynamic minimum stay techniques to achieve longer stays while automatically reducing minimum stays.

Activate in no time

Join thousands of other short-term rental managers and owners who are already using dynamic pricing to get, grow and keep revenue today.

Please note: Minimum stay, length of stay, and rates settings must be managed from your Beyond account. For further information and instructions, please read our internal Knowledge Base article.

Maximize your revenue with dynamic pricing with our Lodgify-Beyond integration.

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This integration requires both a Beyond and a Lodgify subscription.

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