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Charge Automation Integration

Charge Automation is an innovative software that takes care of contactless check-ins, payment processes, and security deposit collections effortlessly.

While delighting guests with personalized upselling options and interactive digital guidebooks. Through the integration, Charge Automation imports your property and booking data to keep both platforms in sync.

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This integration requires both a Charge Automation and a Lodgify subscription.

Effortless Check-Ins

Charge Automation simplifies operations, making contactless interactions the norm. Guests can seamlessly enter your property by automated check-ins through the app, while still feeling warmly welcomed. This translates to reduced workload, ensuring a smooth and efficient guest arrival experience.

Tailored Connections

Personalization is key. Charge Automation offers a unique feature that allows you to tailor your digital portal in the app precisely to your property’s offerings. This platform lets you choose what to showcase – whether it’s local recommendations, must-know FAQs, or exclusive amenities. By providing guests with instant access to this handpicked information, you’re not just offering a stay; you are creating a lasting and remarkable impression.

Maximize Revenue with Upselling

Transform every booking into an opportunity for additional revenue. Charge Automation seamlessly integrates upsell options, allowing property owners to offer add-ons such as airport transfers, local experiences, or special amenities. You can create customized packages, enhancing guest experiences while maximizing profitability.

Fortified Security

With Charge Automation, you can rely on a robust system that supports over 120 secure payment gateways and provides 100% chargeback protection. This not only ensures peace of mind for both you and your guests but also lays the foundation for enduring client loyalty. By prioritizing secure financial transactions, you will be able to foster long-term relationships and build trust that lasts a lifetime.

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This integration requires both a Charge Automation and a Lodgify subscription.

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