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PriceLabs Integration

Struggling to find the perfect prices to set for your vacation rental? Lodgify’s integration with PriceLabs takes pricing strategies for your rental properties to a whole new level.

PriceLabs is a powerful, web-based revenue management and dynamic pricing software for vacation and short-term rentals. A data-driven approach, automation rules and customizations for managing pricing and stay restrictions help vacation rental businesses to increase revenue and save hours of admin time in the process.

Set up the integration and maximize your pricing efficiency with Lodgify and PriceLabs.

Go to PriceLabs

This integration requires both a PriceLabs and a Lodgify subscription.

Automate flexible prices based on real industry data

Increase and decrease prices automatically based on seasons, events, holidays, days of the week and how far in the future a stay is.

Boost the length of your stays

Use dynamic minimum stay strategies to achieve longer stays, while automatically reducing minimum stay to fill gaps between two bookings and maximize revenue.

Manage prices for multiple listings at once

Control pricing strategies for a large number of listings from one place, with the capability to create groups of listings instead of repeating the steps for each listing one by one.

Activate in no time

Import your Lodgify listings to PriceLabs and review the price recommendations. You can then adjust the recommendations and customize your strategies for both prices and minimum stay. Once satisfied, hit the sync button to have those prices and minimum stay updated into Lodgify – and from there, send them to all your connected channels!

Go to PriceLabs

This integration requires both a PriceLabs and a Lodgify subscription.

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