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Jervis Systems is your key to elevating your guests’ experience and simultaneously making check-in as painless as possible. With this access management system, you can automate entry to your property, so your guests will always have a safe and secure way to open your doors during their stay.

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This integration requires both a Jervis Systems and a Lodgify subscription.

Simple Entry Technology

Jervis Systems’ Simple Entry Technology (SET) gives you full control over who can get into your vacation rental at all times of the day. You will have four solutions at your disposal to grant guest access to your property:

  • SET App: Guests can simply download an app to their iOS or Android devices and gain access to your doors of choice, opening and closing them with the click of a button.
  • SET PIN: If you choose, you can instead set up a unique PIN code for each reservation that will last the duration of their stay. The code will go live when the reservation starts and disabled when the reservation is over.
  • SET Text: You don’t need an app or a set of keys for access with SET Text. Authorized guests can send an open request text message to a Jervis Systems phone number, and the software will open the doors for them.
  • SET Call: If texting isn’t your thing, you or your guests can call a Jervis Systems number to open and close doors. It’s as simple as it sounds!

Automate check-in

Your guests don’t always come at the most convenient time for you, but now with Jervis Systems, you don’t have to worry about running across town to meet your guests on time. Let Jervis Systems take the wheel by delivering access details to your guests at check-in.

You also never have to worry about being late to check in again. Boost your ratings by never making a guest wait to begin their stay. Jervis Systems delivers entry information on time every time, making check-ins stress-free.

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Maximize security

Don’t worry about lost keys, lockboxes, or reused entry codes. Feel safer about providing access to your vacation rental with Jervis Systems. Their keyless access ensures that only you and your current reservation can enter the property.

With their efficient managerial software, you can also monitor your property access from anywhere. No one is getting into your rental without your permission.

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Increase efficiency

Jervis Systems allows you to automate your check-in and check-out, save time, secure your vacation rental, and cater to your guests, so it’s no doubt that it will increase the efficiency of how you run your vacation rental business.

Jervis Systems connects all registered devices to one user dashboard. There’s no need to go between multiple apps to get these above perks. Easily integrate your Lodgify account with Jervis Systems and secure your short-term rental property today!

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This integration requires both a Jervis Systems and a Lodgify subscription.

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