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Touch Stay Integration

Whether you’re a vacation rental host or property manager, you want to ensure that your guests have a great experience while staying at your property. However, it can be time-consuming to repeatedly answer the same questions and provide the right information and the right time to each guest.

Touch Stay provides digital guidebooks and a free guest messaging tool so you can delight your guests, streamline your operations and turn first-time visitors into long-term customers with Touch Stay digital guidebooks.

86% of customers halve the time they spend managing guests when they use Touch Stay. Now you can do the same with the Lodgify & Touch Stay integration you can seamlessly share guidebooks and manage communication with guests from your Lodgify account. Magic!

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This integration requires both a Touch Stay and a Lodgify subscription.

One content source for all your properties

Centralise and streamline content management for hundreds of properties, all from one place. Touch Stay digital guidebooks are built to grow with your business, so whether you have 5 properties or 500, Touch Stay makes it easy to manage all of your content from one place.


Everything you need to delight your guests

Touch Stay guidebooks include all the essential information that guests need to know before, during and after their stay. From check-in and check-out instructions and house rules to local attractions and tips to get the most out of their stay. Guidebooks can be accessed by guests without needing to download an app (or even have wifi connection!) and can be accessed by smartphones, tablets, or laptops, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

Fully customizable templates

With Touch Stay, you can fully customize guidebook design and content to match your branding, including logos, fonts, colors, photos and video. Tell your brand story to guests throughout their stay to build stronger connections with guests.

Free SMS & email scheduling

With Memo, Touch Stay’s SMS & Email guest messaging tool, you can send the right information to guests at every step of their stay so guests have all their questions automatically answered. Customize guide access based on check-in dates, collect guests’ email and manage upsells in a friendly (and automated!) way.

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Effortless translations

The language barrier can be a significant challenge in delivering an outstanding experience to guests. Touch Stay’s language translation feature comes to the rescue! Easily translate your guidebook into different languages so all guests can understand the information provided- for no extra cost.

Easy-to-make local area guides

Create a local area guide integrated with Google Places to easily share (and upsell) the best local restaurants, activities and attractions to your guests. A map with directions from your property is automatically created so your guests can make the most of their stay.

Empower your guests, stop repeat questions, and drive more business.

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This integration requires both a Touch Stay and a Lodgify subscription.

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