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Lodgify Partners with TIDY to Ensure Spotless Stays

If you are a short-term rental owner or property manager, you probably know how complicated managing a property can be.

There are so many tasks that need to be completed between bookings, like restocking the bathroom and making sure the plants are watered.  And what if something breaks? Who are you going to call? What if your regular go-to person is busy? Well, with TIDY, you can automate all the cleaning and maintenance tasks your property needs to ensure everything is kept in pristine condition for every one of your guests.

Lodgify’s mission is to provide you with the best tools to support the success of your short-term rental business. The upkeep of your rental is crucial, which is why we are happy to announce our new integration with TIDY, a smart property assistant software designed to simplify your property’s cleaning and maintenance needs.

What is TIDY?

TIDY is a cleaning and maintenance automation app that allows property managers to take care of turnovers between guests easily. Sync your property and reservations, schedule jobs, manage payments, and communicate with your staff all in one place.

The platform allows you to hire and manage verified professionals from the TIDY community to provide a 5-star experience to your guests.  Or, you can bring your own professionals and schedule jobs with your current staff, just in a much smarter way.

Tidy Dashboard

TIDY isn’t just software, though. It has a dedicated team of humans at the TIDY Concierge who will help with anything related to cleaning or maintenance.

Join the 10,000 Airbnb hosts and property managers who are already using TIDY as a part of their tech stack to book turnover tasks. Sound good? Let’s dive right into the benefits!

What are the benefits of using TIDY?

Manage everything in one place

TIDY gives you a bird’s-eye view of your properties, reservations, and tasks, allowing you to easily manage and track everything in one place.

You can use TIDY to automate the cleaning and maintenance processes for your vacation rental between check-in and check-out using verified professionals, or you can use your own professionals and use TIDY to track and manage their maintenance tasks, requests, invoices, and receipts for each property.

Either way, TIDY helps you run your vacation rental turnovers smoothly and efficiently.

Auto-schedule jobs

In TIDY, auto-schedule jobs provide an efficient and convenient way to schedule cleaning and maintenance for your short-term rentals. This feature ensures that your rental is always prepared for guests by coordinating cleaning with professional cleaners based on guest check-in and checkout times.

Tidy Auto

If the assigned cleaner is unavailable, the system automatically posts the job to an alternative cleaner as a backup. This way, you don’t have to worry about scheduling cleanings, and your rentals will always look spotless.

Create digital to-do lists per property

In TIDY, you can add custom tasks, showing your staff precisely what needs to be done and how it should be carried out. This is perfect for things like taking out the trash, watering the plants, or cleaning the dishes, so your guests don’t have to.

Tidy To-do-lists

With the digital to-do list, you can keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed for each property, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. These lists can be accessed from any device, allowing you to easily update and check off tasks from anywhere, at any time.

The to-do lists will also automatically offer some suggestions for cleaning, allowing you to upload photos or set the priority levels of the tasks, so you can sit back and relax.

Schedule automatic payments

Instead of manually processing and tracking expenses, With TIDY, you can utilize the automatic payment system to simplify and streamline the payment process for cleaning services. This saves time and effort and ensures quick and secure payment processing.

Tidy Pros

It has a unique feature that enables you to customize your reports for the invoices and receipts, which can then be exported into .csv or .pdf format with just one click.

The automatic payment system helps you to manage these services and protect your financial information efficiently.

What is the cost?

TIDY offers its software for free for those with less than two rentals, then $10 per property per month beyond two.

The free package still includes home maintenance reminders, mapping tools, digital to-do lists, and job management. It is a fantastic tool for both new and experienced short-term rental hosts.

You can check out TIDY’s pricing plans here.

How do I get started?

To get started with the TIDY x Lodgify integration, you will need to set up an account with TIDY. During the TIDY account setup process, you will be prompted to select your PMS system (i.e. Lodgify) and enter your Lodgify API key.

Simply paste the API key into the designated field to initiate the sync and import your properties and reservations into TIDY.

Please note 💡 TIDY is available worldwide, except for properties located in countries that do not use a zip code system (such as Jamaica).

Once the integration is established, and your properties are imported, you can customize your TIDY preferences to fit your specific needs and start using the platform to manage your cleaning and maintenance tasks.

If you need more information, you can read about our new Lodgify-TIDY integration here or check out our Knowledge Base article for a more detailed explanation.

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