The amenities at your home can make all the difference between a one-time guest and a guest who returns again and again to your vacation rental. Your amenities should reflect the location of your rental property, the type of property you offer, and the type of guest you expect to host. When travelers are browsing through their options, amenities can really set your rental apart, bumping your property from good to great.

Your guests have opted to stay in a vacation rental over a hotel, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t expecting great service. Here are some of the most important amenities you can provide at your vacation rental.

For the Overall Guest Experience

Vacation rental amenities to improve guest experience

Travelers aren’t just looking for free toiletries, they’re looking for a memorable experience, and making this happen will enhance each and every aspect of their stay. Here’s a list of amenities that will wow your guests and make your vacation rental stand out:

1. 24-Hour Check-in

Travelers love being able to check-in whenever they please. Especially if something doesn’t go to plan with their journey.

That doesn’t mean you have to worry about being available 24 hours a day, just make sure you have an automated check-in system in place. Whether they gain access to your property via lockbox, keyless entry or any other service, this amenity will make a great first impression on your guests.

2. Fast and convenient WiFi

WiFi is probably the biggest necessity in any modern vacation rental. Unless your rental is specifically off-grid and catering to a “technological getaway” crowd, your guests will expect WiFi as part of the rental package.

In fact, not having fast wireless internet connection could actually deter guests from booking with you, or result in a bad review if it isn’t explicitly mentioned beforehand.

3. Cable TV or streaming services

Even if they don’t make use of the television, most guests will look for TV access as a must-have amenity in their vacation rental.

The ideal combination would be to offer cable television on a Smart TV, allowing access to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, as well as live television for local news and weather reports.

4. DVDs and books

If you’re not too keen in getting cable or Netflix for your vacation rental, providing guests with a collection of films and literature is another great option. Just make sure you have something appropriate for everyone, including something to keep young children entertained on a rainy afternoon!

5. Family-friendly games

Spare families from having to pack their entire pack ‘n’ play for their vacation. Provide free kids’ amenities like crayons, books and bathtub toys.

You could even offer some board games and cards for extra family fun! Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Chutes & Ladders, Twister and Uno are all-time family favorites.

6. Local maps, guidebooks, and recommendations

Be sure to leave a good selection of local information for your guests to peruse. Leave handy information for your most recommended neighborhood restaurants and cafés.

Include pamphlets on prominent local features like theaters, national parks or historical sights.

7. Electrical adapters and chargers

Most guests will carry their own adapters, but sometimes even the most seasoned travelers may forget, lose or break them. Having a stockpile of universal adapters and chargers will make them see you as a lifesaver!

8. A complimentary welcome basket

For extra flair, offer a welcome basket when every guest arrives at your rental property. This doesn’t have to be an expensive basket in any way, but a simple collection of local goodies – candies, coffee, wine, postcards – is a compelling way to welcome your guests to the area and leave a lasting first impression.

9. Transfers and tours

Instead of making travelers book these services elsewhere, partner with any local businesses and include them as add-ons. There are different types of transfers and tours you could offer, such as:

  • Airport pick up/drop off
  • City transfers
  • Chauffeur service
  • Sightseeing tours

Kitchen Amenities

Vacation rental amenities for the kitchen

It’s important to keep a vacation rental kitchen well stocked with the necessities. A good supply of plates, glasses, mugs, and silverware is an important base. Follow that up with wine glasses and bottle openers as a delightful extra.

There should always be basic seasoning on hand like salt and pepper, but to really endear your guests, add assorted spices, cooking oils, and a healthy supply of coffee, tea and sugar.

11. Small kitchen appliances

For those guests who prefer to cook at home when on vacation, they’ll love it if you provide cookware of all varieties, a solid set of sharp knives, a kettle and a coffee maker. Appliances like rice cookers, crockpots or blenders can also be very helpful additions.

12. Complimentary breakfast and custom-stocked fridge

Stock your fridge with a few items ready for your guests’ arrival. This could be complimentary cookies, juices and breakfast ingredients. To go that extra step, you could also contact your guests and ask if they’d like any special supplies in advance. This could be especially helpful for guests with certain dietary requirements and help them feel right at home.

Bathroom Amenities

Vacation rental amenities for the bathroom

Just because you don’t offer any spa treatments, doesn’t mean your guests can’t enjoy the luxury and relaxation they bring. Bring the spa experience to your vacation rental and pamper your guests with these amenities:

13. Toiletries

This is the most basic bathroom amenity you can offer. Guests expect to find travel-size toiletries in any standard hotel, but they’re totally blown away when they get the same service at a vacation rental.

You can start out by mounting soap and shampoo dispensers on the shower wall, and even go the extra mile by offering hair conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste and mouthwash.

14. Fresh fluffy towels

Invest in towels that will make your bathrooms look beautiful and your guests clean, dry and warm.

15. Hair appliances

It’s great to have a hair dryer on hand for your guests’ use, but how about straighteners and curling irons? Why not give them access to this little extra to make them feel super pampered.

Bedroom Amenities

Vacation rental amenities for the bedrooms

As we all know, the quality of our sleep determines the way we feel the next day. So if you want your guests to be happy with your rental, make sure they have a comfortable night in your rental. Here’s how you can do it:

16. Premium bedding and plumped-up pillows

We know you don’t want to spend a fortune on linens, but investing in some good quality sheets that last and wash well will make all the difference for your guests. Spend some time layering up the bed with comforting blankets and fluffy pillows for a sleeping experience your guests will never forget.

17. Sleep masks, ear plugs and other gadgets

Another way of improving your guests’ night time routine is by providing single-use sleeping masks and ear plugs. You could even provide gadgets like alarm clocks, sound systems or white noise players to help them drift off peacefully.

Cleaning and Storage Amenities

Vacation rental amenities for cleaning

According to Trip Advisor’s 2016 vacation rental survey, 67% travelers believe that vacation rentals are better than hotels because they’re able to do their laundry whenever they want (at no extra cost). But what other amenities do they look for in a vacation rental?

18. Cleaning supplies

The act of simply providing cleaning supplies and placing them where guests can see them will encourage them to clean. Prepare a small rental cleaning kit and stock it with recognizable, branded products. You can even prepare special instructions on which products to use to clean each area of the house, such as kitchen counters or shower doors.

19. A washer and dryer

Ideally, your vacation rental will have its own washer and dryer, that you’re happy to let guests have access to. Guests love to be able to keep up with their own laundry while they’re away, some even like to go home with fresh clothing at the end of their vacation.

If your rental does not have laundry room of its own, it’s important to let your guests know if there is a coin-operated laundromat nearby or down the street. Whatever the situation is, provide clear directions for your guests’ ease. Make sure you have a washing line or drying rack on hand for those more delicate items, as well!

20. An iron and clothing storage

An iron and an ironing board are must haves for wrinkly clothes coming out of suitcases. Provide a simple suitcase stand in the closet so guests don’t have to bend to the ground to sort through their suitcase, and leave plenty of empty hangers in the closet. A chest of drawers is an added benefit for many guests unpacking their belongings.

Outdoor Experience Amenities

Vacation Rental amenities for Outdoor activities

In order to tip your guest experience over the edge, anticipate what your guests will need or want on their stay.

21. Beach supplies

If your vacation rental is located near the beach, be sure to offer beach towels, fold-up chairs and a cool box. If you have them, you could also provide body boards or inflatables for more sea fun!

22. Items to keep them dry

Does it rain frequently at your vacation rental? Be sure to provide spare umbrellas or even a couple of plastic poncho raincoats for guests.

23. Bikes and other tips to get around

Provide your guests with instructions on how to get around the city, this includes metro maps, bus schedules and driving routes. Another great amenity to have on hand is a couple of bicycles for your guests to enjoy the area like a local!

24. A private pool

This isn’t always a feasible amenity, but according to a survey done by Orlando Vacation Homes 360, 81% of renters said that a private pool was important for them when choosing a rental property. If this is an option for your rental property, consider adding a pool or hot tub. You will be able to raise prices and boost your rental income immediately!

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  1. Chantale Reply

    These were good tips and, I already provided most of them. However, the section about leaving food product and cleaning supplies may need to be review as some States don’t allow food item in rental (condiments..) refrigerator for health issues and clearing supplies due to children poisoning. If someone choose to do so, make sure they do not violate their State policy, check expiration on food, and keep the cleaning product cabinet LOCKED.

  2. Michelle Johnson Reply

    Great tips! Vacationers are more sophisticated and looking for rentals that match their expectations. In the competitive short-term rental market, successful vacation properties must continue to offer expected and anticipated amenities as well as units with an updated and desirable interior design. The days of the faded floral curtains and grandma’s old couch are long gone, thankfully!

  3. Wazzle Reply

    Terrible. Even the recommendation to provide bikes didn’t discuss the liability if the guest gets injured and how insurance carriers could reject claims if you don’t disclose increased risk exposure before hand.

    • Jess Ashworth Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Wazzle – you raise a really good point.

      We suggest hosts add any details that could increase guest risk exposure into their vacation rental agreement. That way, they know the guest has signed and agreed to all the terms and conditions and are aware of the risks of using these amenities during their stay. The same applies for properties with swimming pools, hot tubs, etc!

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  6. Oliver Reply

    Great article with lots of tips. For the kitchens spices and herbs I found a website that sells travel friendly packs of spices and herbs. Check them out

  7. Bree Ward Reply

    My husband and I are planning to go on a week vacation to unwind ourselves and ware looking for vacation rentals that can accommodate us during our week stay. I like it when you give us some tips in looking for the best option. As you’ve said, it’s better to look for vacation home rentals that have transfer and tour services as well on chick they can offer city pickups and transfer, sightseeing tours, and chauffeur services. I think that might be the coolest thing ever when we find a rental service that offers such.


    Thank you for putting this together. It is a lot of useful tips and advice for anyone planning to do vacation rentals. Whilst I see some negative comments, I think it was good information and should to be taken in the spirit it was intended.

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