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Chekin Integration

Would you like to automate the check-in process for your guests? Are you looking to save time and improve the efficiency of your check-ins? Lodgify’s integration with Chekin is the solution you’re looking for.

Chekin is an online check-in software that allows you to register your guests remotely. Chekin’s advanced technology allows owners and managers of short-term rentals to automate guest registration, verify their identity and fulfill their legal obligations quickly and easily.


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This integration requires a subscription to both Chekin and Lodgify.

Automate All Your Legal Responsibilities

Chekin’s software automatically generates and sends a link to your guests so they can check in through an online form. Forget about sending data or reporting manually! Chekin generates and sends travelers’ reports to the corresponding authorities automatically and in compliance with all legal requirements.

Additionally, the data is stored in the cloud and a digital format for as long as legal requirements require.

Verify Your Guests Easily At Home

Chekin’s biometric matching system allows you to check the identity of your guests from anywhere in the world. You will always have the certainty that the documentation provided by your guests matches that of the people who want to access the accommodation.

Enjoy Check-Ins with a Digital Key

Handing over keys is out of fashion! Chekin’s self-check-in functionality allows you to automate property check-in and check-out through smart locks, coded key boxes or key pickup points.

Integrating Check-in with these entry systems will help you improve your guests’ experience, who will also be able to enjoy flexible arrival times if they choose to do so. Can you ask for more?

Sell Personalized Experiences

Chekin may be just what you need to increase your profits. This app will also allow you to offer personalized experiences to guests, either homegrown or created by third parties such as Civitatis.

Guided tours, nature activities, gourmet tastings… In exchange for a small extra outlay, your guests will be able to enjoy their trip much more, and you will get a juicy commission.

Manages The Entire Check-In Process Automatically

Enjoy a wide range of features and benefits with services, including personalized communications, digital guest signatures, vacation rental contracts, host insurance, online deposits, automatic tourist tax calculation and collection, and much more.

Forget about dealing with tons of paperwork and repetitive tasks: with Chekin, you can automate everything.

Activate Chekin Now

Once you connect to Chekin, all your Lodgify properties and bookings will be imported. You will only need to add the authorities’ ID in case you need to send guest data to the police or statistics reports. If you update or delete a property in Lodgify, it will be automatically reflected in Chekin!

Chekin also offers a 14-day free trial period, during which you will have full access to all of its features. No credit card is required, and you don’t have to commit to anything. Sign up now and find out how you can save time and money by automating your guest bookings.


Go to Chekin

This integration requires a subscription to both Chekin and Lodgify.

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