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Chekin Integration

Struggling to find a way to reduce the time of the check-in process? Chekin integration is the ideal solution to help you and your guests stop wasting time on it.

Chekin is a software solution for guests’ registration. With their technology, owners and property managers can easily automate guest registration, identification and legal obligations to provide a frictionless check-in experience for the travel industry.

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This integration requires both a Chekin and a Lodgify subscription.

Improve your check-in process

Chekin’s software automatically generates and sends a link to your guests so they can check-in through an online form. Hosts can also choose to allow guests to “check-in on site” so they can check-in quickly and securely at their rental. They will also have the option to send the rental agreement with the house rules to sign online and to modify the document as necessary from the dashboard.

Allow guests to access your property remotely

Once they’ve completed their online check-in and verified their identity, hosts can send their guests a “virtual key” to open the property lock. All guests have to do is take a photo of their IDs and a selfie. Chekin’s software will use a biometric match to compare both photos and check that they are of the same person.

Automate police and statistics registration

Chekin software has automated guests registration on Authorities websites. Once you collect the data of your guests, you won’t have to access Police or Statistics websites to register them manually. Chekin will take care of that!

Also, scan guests’ IDs and passports with OCR technology and get forms filled in a couple of seconds.

Generate all the required documentation online

If you’re required to submit guest registration documents to Police and local authorities, you can easily automate this with Chekin. You can stop worrying about writing down a ton of entry forms and rental agreements. They will all be generated with this integration.

Manage your tourist taxes

Tourist taxes defer depending on the country, region or city your property is located in, and because it can be calculated in many different ways, it may be difficult to ensure you’re applying the right tourist taxes. Chekin automates the calculation of tourist taxes and ensures the tax model is up to date on the latest version.

To find out more about Chekin’s features, check out their blog article here.

Activate Chekin in no time

Once you connect to Chekin, all your Lodgify listings and reservations will be imported. You will just have to add the Authorities credentials in case you have to send guests’ data to Police/Statistics. If you update/delete a listing or a reservation in Lodgify everything will be reflected in real-time in Chekin!

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This integration requires both a Chekin and a Lodgify subscription.

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