HomeAway and Expedia

HomeAway has been part of the Expedia travel group since 2015. They continue to grow their numbers to attract listings from as many vacation rentals as possible. They do this by making it easy work for rental owners and managers to rent out their properties.

Homeaway Expedia merger

Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel companies that services numerous companies across the globe. They offer a huge selection in vacation properties, packages and the best deals for any vacation, for travelers going anywhere around the globe.

They are a top pick for those that are traveling to and from different areas of the world and provide quality accommodations for those who use the online services. Expedia is also much more than simply booking a hotel or a room, guests can book also book short term vacation rentals, car rentals, flight tickets, cruises and more. Plus, you can get on-the-go minute-by-minute itinerary details for your entire vacation trip.

With numerous packages offered through Expedia, those that want to travel can have everything decided for them all in one place, online or through their mobile phone app. Those that use this app can ensure that they will be able to make their vacation dreams become a reality with the use of the travel agents that they have on hand.

Expedia is one of the biggest travel providers in the world and, with the acquisition of HomeAway, they are on track to becoming one of the strongest vacation forces.

Expedia HomeAway merger

HomeAway and Expedia came together to create a bigger, better platform solution for both vacationers and those that own and manage these vacation properties. When HomeAway was bought by Expedia for $3.9 billion, the owners hoped to grow both of the businesses by putting them together and creating something even better, since both platforms could work simultaneously to help out those that use them, both online and in the backend sort of sense.

As one of the biggest deals in the travel world, the merger was expected to not only grow both of the businesses but actually make their business model better and more efficient for everyone that uses both of these models for traveling and letting property.

Since the acquisition of HomeAway by Expedia, there have been hopes of brighter futures for both of the companies, while also ensuring that each has their own side of things to run. The merger was good news for those at both companies, but bad for their competitors who are not working together. Together, Expedia and HomeAway will have a stronger, more inclusive platform for those that want to book or market their rentals.

The Expedia Homeaway press release

According to a HomeAway press release, the Expedia HomeAway merger was one of the biggest and best news for the entire travel industry.

By switching to an Airbnb model, the Expedia HomeAway transition is one that is going to grow to exponential sizes as they target alternative accommodations space, which is what Airbnb is very much succeeding at doing.

They are seeing a great change in the $100 billion alternative lodging market that is pulling these companies to them. When they’re able to provide a sound app that everyone uses, while also offering a backend for vacation rental property owners and managers, they can then benefit from what they are offering to everyone in the long run. Without being able to offer this, they’re going to have a harder time growing, especially with a competitor such as Airbnb.

The HomeAway Expedia acquisition is one of the best that both of the companies could have asked for. Being public companies, they are doing something that is going to help out those that they work with on a regular basis. This is all that they can ask for when it comes to being able to make the merger work and still benefit those that are a part of each of the travel companies.