25 Beautiful Vacation Rental Websites Built Using Lodgify

We all need some inspiration from time to time – and when it comes to web design, that’s no exception!

Using vacation rental software with a website builder can help your business thrive. No matter if you’re an owner with one vacation apartment, the manager of a cozy countryside B&B, or a professional property manager with a whole portfolio of rentals, a great website is always key to achieving bookings. Not only is it the first impression your potential guests will have, but it will also allow direct and easy booking. 

So if you’re looking to build your site from scratch, or update your existing website to make it more modern and appealing, you’re bound to find plenty of creative ideas in this article.

Let us introduce you to these 25 beautiful Lodgify vacation rental websites. Explore them at your leisure and pay attention to everything they’re doing well. This includes high-quality photos, company logos, clear layout and navigation, attractive colors, and eye-catching call-to-action buttons.

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Single Property Vacation Rental Websites

Bursting with full-screen photos and lots of attention to detail when it comes to branding, these Lodgify-built websites belong to owners with one unique vacation rental property. Having one property allows owners to focus their website on the location of their listing and go into detail on what interesting activities and attractions are nearby. Not only does seeing these options build curiosity for possible clients but it’s also a wonderful resource for those who end up renting your place.

1. The Shippen

The Shippen Lodgify website

Lodgify website examples

The Shippen has fully made use of their theme by consistently sticking with fonts, colors, and formatting choices. Their aesthetics are that of the English countryside and contain nature-like hues which are perfectly reflected in the accent colors of the website. Their home and website are both excellently on brand.

Website: www.the-shippen.com

Lodgify template used: Livingstone 2.0

2. Beechwood Cottage

Beechwood Cottage Lodgify website

There are some enviable personalized touches that feature in this website, such as a blog that highlights some of the hidden gems of the location and the family’s favorite to-do’s. 

Website: www.beechwoodcottagedc.com

Lodgify template used: Livingstone 2.0

3. House Gallery 10

House Gallery 10 Lodgify

What really makes this website stand out is its high-quality photographs that show both the exteriors and interiors of this sleek stay with great detail. This is a great example of how exceptional photographs can absolutely transform your website.

Website: www.housegallery10.com

Lodgify template used: Tideway

4. Copper Broc

Copper Broc has achieved a simple and tasteful website with details that really stand out like the button colors matching the logo. 

Website: Copperbroc.com

Lodgify template used: Brooklyn

5. Nkanyi House

Elegant high-quality photos of this luxury property perfectly contrast with the wild South African surroundings. The logo also draws inspiration from nature and helps promote their commitment to sustainability.

Website: Nkanyihouse.com

Lodgify template used: Brooklyn

6. Spencer Lakehouse

Focusing on promoting a family-friendly environment, this fun website focuses on bright and chic colors that work perfectly with the property itself. Throughout the website, the main feature of the home, a private waterfront dock, is highlighted. 

Website: Spencerlakehouse.ca

Lodgify template used: Tideway

7. Vacation Tenby

Website examples short term rental

The contrast between the background picture and inserted images creates a unique look for this website.

Website: Vacationtenby.com

Lodgify template used: Capucine

8. Villa d’Arnaud

Keeping it simple with grey and white colors actually gives their website an elegant touch. Guests are given an insight into the French provençal lifestyle and are showcased the different amenities on offer. The amazing pool at Villa d’Arnaud is a winning strategy for the homepage. Their beautiful image gallery does the rest.

Website: Villadarnaud.fr

Lodgify template used: Brooklyn

9. Rêve

With interior design touches that coordinate wonderfully with the website color scheme, this luxurious property is a true hidden gem in the south of France.

Website: Reve-aveyron.com

Lodgify template used: Brooklyn

10. Casa la Vida Soñada

Lodgify Website Examples

What really stands out on this website is the professional video that tours the entire home with peaceful background music and drone footage.

Website: Rentcocobay.com

Lodgify template used: Brooklyn

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Multi-Property Vacation Rental Websites

When you have multiple properties on your books, it can be hard to decide how to showcase them all. We’ve hand-picked this selection of some of our favorite multi-property websites to help you get started. Which will you use for inspiration?

11. Tailwater’s Lodge

Lodgify website examples tailwaters lodge

This stunning website gives a sneak peek of the tranquility and peacefulness guests get to experience at this lodge. It’s minimal and elegant while also being informative. 

Website: Tailwaterslodge.com

Lodgify template used: Livingstone 2.0

12. Top Menorca

Best Vacation Rental Website Examples from Lodgify

This eye-catching website gives off a Mediterranean vibe that matches its rentals. It evokes curiosity because of its top-notch photographs and the detailed description of what to expect when visiting.

Website: www.topmenorca.es

Lodgify template used: Tideway

13. The Slighted Gerentals

Mutli property vacation rental website example

The aesthetic of this website is inviting and serene. Right off the bat, it makes you want to pack your bags and go for a family beach vacation. With professional pictures and detailed descriptions of the listing, viewers will have all the information they need before booking.

Website: Theslightedgerentals.com

Lodgify template used: Livingstone 2.0

14. Chalets Hygge

Classy, tasteful, and inviting are three words that can describe this chalet’s website. The color of the buttons matches the leaves in all the professional pictures and there’s even a direct messaging option for any doubts potential guests may have.

Website: Chaletshygge.com

Lodgify template used: Tideway

15. Top Florida Rentals

With bright pink as the main color for both the logo and details, this website helps its rental pop in a way that it wouldn’t if a more dull color had been chosen. The website also has pages for suggestions on many activities in Central Florida. 

Website: Topfloridarentals.com

Lodgify template used: Livingstone 2.0

16. Les Villas Emmanuel

Vacation Rental Website Examples Best

Les Villas Emmanuel have opted for a tropical look and feel for their website, which flawlessly complements their high-end, beachy offerings.

Website: www.lesvillasemmanuel.com

Lodgify template used: Tideway

17. Ylläs Villas

The color choice for both buttons and font in this captivating website are perfectly aligned with its villas. On the other hand, the simple company logo blends beautifully with this minimal design. 

Website: Yllasvillas.com

Lodgify template used: Livingstone 2.0

18. Living the Dream

This website is a great example of how less is more when it comes to luxury design. Instead of focusing on text, Living the Dream has opted for visual explanations instead, focusing on spectacular and colorful photographs. 

Website: Livingthedream.com

Lodgify template used: Livingstone 2.0

19. Coast & Country

Coast & Country really hit the mark with their simple yet effective branding. The repetition of their abstract logo helps to create a sense of continuity for the visitor.

Website: Coastandcountry.co.nz

Lodgify template used: Tideway

20. Basko Paradis

Basko Paradis coordinate the color of their buttons with their logo. They also have a lot of content on the homepage, as well as social proof logos and a blog!

Website: Baskoparadis.com

Lodgify template used: Tideway

21. 8villas

If your properties are located in warm climes like those of 8villas in Mallorca, there is plenty you can do to attract guests. Start by hiring a professional photographer to capture the essence of each unique holiday home, which will ultimately help convert lookers into bookers!

Website: 8villas.de/en

Lodgify template used: Tideway

22. Lilan Nature

Contrasting typographies make the Lilan Nature website both easy to navigate and give it an upmarket feel – especially when paired with professional aerial-view photography.

Website: Lilan-nature.com

Lodgify template used: Tideway

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Bed & Breakfast Websites

Our vacation rental software also supports different room types which means that building a website for your bed and breakfast or guest house has never been easier. Take a look at this range of gorgeous B&B websites made using Lodgify.

23. Yellow Block BnB

Best short term rental website designs

This stay is funky, fun, and perfectly designed. This Brooklyn b&b flips the traditional idea of a b&b upside-down. Bridging a modern design with a trendy website, this short-term stay has quite an allure. Their website is just as fun as the physical space.

Website: www.yellowblockbnb.com

Lodgify template used: Tideway

24. The U BnB

The website for this bed and breakfast has all the necessary information so that potential guests feel well informed before making a move. Their interesting logo is also featured throughout the website. 

Website: Theu-bnb.com

Lodgify template used: Livingstone 2.0

25. Jakobsbrunnen

Jakobsbrunnen has created a friendly website that has easy-to-follow descriptions and information. 

Website: Bnb.jakobsbrunnen.ch

Lodgify template used: Tideway

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There you have it! These are just a handful of some of the amazing vacation rental websites that have been built using Lodgify. The most important takeaway points that you should have after seeing these examples is that every website is unique in the sense that it should focus on the essence of its property(ies). The feeling, colors, and special features of your listing should be represented in an accurate way that compliments your business and eventually drives bookings. 

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