Airbnb 2023 Winter Release

Airbnb 2023 Winter Release: What’s New for Hosts?

On November 8, Airbnb’s CEO, Brian Chesky, unwrapped the latest platform updates with the Airbnb 2023 Winter Release, all aimed to make the Airbnb experience even more reliable and affordable for guests while keeping it hassle-free for hosts.

In this article, we’ll check out Airbnb’s cool new Listings tab that makes adding key details such as amenities and descriptions so much easier—just a few clicks, and you’re good to go!

And guess what? Now, you can step into your property (and the future!) with a photo tour of your home created by Airbnb’s new AI tool. It analyzes your photos and organizes them by room, giving everyone a better idea of what your property looks like.

We’ll also look at the new ‘Arrival guide’, where you can gather all the necessary information for your guests, such as the smart lock code, the WiFi password, and any guides or manuals. There’s even a new smart lock integration with the Airbnb app, which will allow you to generate a new code for each reservation, ensuring your property stays safe and secure, even when you’re not around.

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So, whether you’re an experienced host or just getting started, let’s dive into the details of the Airbnb Winter Release 2023 to see how you can use these latest features to maximize your vacation rental business.

Managing a perfect listing: A new way to edit

As we all know, managing a listing is one of the most crucial aspects of your vacation rental business, as it represents the first point of contact between guests and your property. Brian mentions in the video above that detailed listings have been proven to attract up to 20% more bookings. So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

But here’s the scoop: until now, as Brian himself admits, listings were missing some important information that guests really care about, and hosts skipped them because, let’s face it, the process was a bit of a maze.

Your space

So, to fix this, Airbnb is making it a breeze to punch in all the cool stuff about your place without breaking a sweat in the new ‘Listings’ tab. The tab is divided into two main sections: ‘Your space’ and ‘Arrival guide’, with both serving different but related functions.

Within ‘Your space’, you can easily and effortlessly edit descriptions and add amenities in no time. In the past, you would first have to search for your listing (which wasn’t always entirely intuitive), scroll through an endless list of features, and hope you found the right one. Now, there is a “+” button with which you can easily add any amenities. There is both category sorting and a search bar that make the process simple.

It also looks stylish and sleek, with some cool new icons to boot!

Airbnb winter release 2023

Arrival guide

Making sure your guests have a smooth arrival experience is vital, not just because you want to avoid any hiccups but because reviews are imperative to Airbnb’s latest strategy.

Enter Airbnb’s fresh “Arrival guide” section. Now, you can gather all the important info in one convenient page, covering everything from Wi-Fi connections to house manuals and check-in how-tos. This aims to help your guests find everything they need, instilling confidence in their booking choices.

Oh, and get this: you can now sneak a peek at the arrival guide exactly how your future guests will see it. Hit “view,” and you’ll see the guide just like they will. And if it’s not to your liking, no sweat—it’s easy to hop back in, tweak things, and keep making it better.

AI-guided photo tour: Room by room

Compelling images help bring your listing to life. But we know the effort it takes to capture professional-quality photos, not to mention the time it would take to create a virtual tour. Or at least, that was the case until now!

Airbnb has developed a custom Artificial Intelligence engine that does all the work for you, organizing your photos into a room-by-room tour. Now, you can offer your potential guests an immersive and truly extraordinary visual journey, sparing them from scrolling through a dull image gallery. Plus, you can add new rooms anytime!

New smart lock integration: The key to convenience

For hosts already utilizing smart locks, Airbnb has also rolled out ‘Smart Lock Integration’. This feature allows you to directly connect your smart lock account within the Airbnb app, which then enables you to generate unique codes for each reservation, ensuring secure and convenient access to your property. This should streamline the check-in process for hosts, as they’ll no longer have to switch between apps, while guests will have this code included in their arrival guide.

Smart Lock Airbnb

Smart lock integration will be available in the United States and Canada this year.

Earnings at a glance, prices under control

The introduction of a new Earnings dashboard offers hosts an unprecedented level of clarity regarding your income. This dashboard not only provides comprehensive details on both past and upcoming payments but also introduces customizable reports, filters, and search functions—features that we never thought possible on Airbnb before!

And Co-Hosts, you’re in for a treat. The enhanced tools make payment-sharing a breeze and allow seamless communication right in the app. And that’s not all—now you can effortlessly compare pricing with similar listings, analyze trends using advanced calendar tools, and gain a comprehensive understanding of guest payments.

For guests, prices now include service fees—an attempt by Airbnb to make its platform more transparent, which will surely reduce the number of headaches for both hosts and guests.

Earnings dashboard

Stand out from the crowd as a Guest Favorite

There’s nothing new about guests being flooded with offers when looking for a vacation rental. But, with over 7 million listings worldwide on Airbnb, the choice can be overwhelming. To simplify guests’ searches, Airbnb has launched the “Guest Favorite” badge—an award given to the top two million most-loved homes on the platform. Based on ratings, reviews, and reliability, it’s a guarantee that each property meets the highest standards.

Guest Favorites not only boast excellent reviews, with an average rating exceeding 4.9 stars, but also stand out for ease of check-in, cleanliness, accuracy of description, host communication, location, and value offered. Moreover, they showcase extraordinary reliability, something that Brian Chesky emphasized in the financial update for Q3 2023, with an average cancellation rate of 1% or lower.

Finding these properties just got a whole lot easier too. Guests just need to keep an eye out for the shiny new “Guest Favorite” badge in their search results or on the listing page.

How is this different from Superhost status?

Alright, let’s break it down. Achieving Superhost status on Airbnb is still a big deal and still valuable, as they have to hit very impressive targets. For example, they need to:

  • Maintain a 4.8+ overall rating from guests in the past year
  • Host a minimum of 10 stays or 100 nights over at least three completed stays
  • Maintain a cancellation rate of less than 1%, excluding special circumstances
  • Sustaining a response rate of 90%.

However, Superhost status is awarded to the overall account, while Guest Favorite is awarded to a specific listing. Sure, there’s a bit of an overlap in the criteria, but they each bring their own flavor to the table.

Here’s the cool part: if you’re rocking both the Superhost and the Guest Favorite badge, your property page gets to flex both, giving it an extra boost in the visibility department. But hey, even if you haven’t snagged the Guest Favorite tag, no worries – your Superhost badge still helps you keep your place in the spotlight in those search results and emphasizes your commitment to quality hosting.

It would seem Airbnb is using the new Guest Favorite badge to further incentivize hosts to maximize the quality of their hosting while increasing the number of highly-rated stays at affordable prices on offer to guests. Pretty smart. Furthermore, it increases trust among guests as they are able to see what properties other guests regard as exceptional and good value for money. Also, pretty smart.

guest favorite

New look for Airbnb reviews

The platform has more than 371 million reviews from guests all over the world, and Airbnb is finally restructuring the reviews section in three ways:

  • Reviews are now just a click away, organizeable by most recent or by rating.
  • Guests can see an instant overview of the distribution of reviews from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Reviews now display key reviewer insights, such as the length of their stay and details like whether or not there were kids in their group.

By making reviews easily accessible and offering options to organize them by date or rating, Airbnb is streamlining the process for hosts to engage with feedback relevant to their hosting style.

The instant overview of review distribution provides guests with a quick snapshot of overall satisfaction, while the inclusion of key reviewer insights, such as stay duration and details about the group, adds depth to the reviews, providing a better understanding for potential guests.

Again, it’s all part of Airbnb’s game plan to continue fostering a trustworthy and reliable community—and it might just work!

Another step in the right direction

Airbnb’s really shaking things up with their 2023 Winter Release, making life simpler for hosts and guests. From the intuitive new Listing tab to easier-to-find reviews, they’re all about improving the host experience while attracting more hosts to its platform, as well as enhancing trust and value for money for guests.

But, hey, is it hitting the mark? It has no doubt increased the pressure on hosts to conform to Airbnb’s strategy. Many will have to reevaluate the way they host and price their rentals. Some will reap the benefits like never before while others may find themselves falling further down the pecking order.

However, this is certainly a step in the right direction, but we’re curious to know which of these innovations has caught your attention the most—let us know in the comments!

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