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Lodgify Launches AI Assistant: Guest Messaging Just Got Smarter!

Step into the future of vacation rental hosting with Lodgify’s latest innovation! Today, after months of meticulous development and testing, we’re thrilled to unveil our brand new AI Assistant, a cutting-edge GPT-powered messaging tool that’s set to transform the way you communicate with your guests.

At Lodgify, we understand that seamless, efficient, and personalized interactions are the heart of an exceptional guest experience. That’s why we’ve poured our expertise into creating an AI-powered solution that empowers hosts and property managers to take guest communications to new heights.

This feature is now available to all Lodgify customers worldwide, so let’s check it out!

Updated April 2024: In March 2024, we added the AI Assistant to our Reservation messaging system, expanding its capabilities beyond the Inbox. Now, similar to its function in your Inbox, the AI Assistant helps you create swift, precise, and customized responses directly within the reservations interface. You can now also translate AI-generated responses and provide feedback on AI-generated messages to help us continue to improve this feature.

Efficiency and personalization at your fingertips

Located within your unified inbox, the Lodgify AI Assistant simplifies and enhances interactions with your guests by offering intuitive responses to their inquiries and requests.

AI Assistent Inbox

Here’s how it works:

Instant response

With just a tap of a button, the AI Assistant reviews the latest message from your guest.

Contextual insights

It generates a customized response by drawing from various online sources, including general online data, your Lodgify account details, and reservation data. Responses can cover a wide range of topics, such as suggesting restaurants, listing local activities, providing check-in times, and explaining house rules.


You have the power to review and edit the AI-generated response to ensure it aligns perfectly with your unique hosting style.

How may AI assist you?

The Lodgify AI Assistant can generate responses in seconds for a wide range of guest queries, including:

  • Confirming reservation details, arrival and departure dates, and payment status.
  • Providing directions, check-in instructions, Wi-Fi details, parking options, and sleeping arrangements.
  • Answering questions about policies and available amenities.
  • Offering local recommendations for nearby activities and establishments.
  • Addressing user-specific requests, complaints, and feedback.

A vision for enhanced guest experiences

“We understand that fast, reliable, and personalized communication is fundamental to a positive guest experience,” says Dennis Klett, co-founder and CEO of Lodgify. “Our AI Assistant aims to streamline the process, allowing hosts to save valuable time while strengthening guest relationships. We’re committed to refining this feature over the coming months.”

What does the future have in store for the AI Assistant?

Lodgify is dedicated to continually improving the AI Assistant’s capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our global customer base, which currently represents properties in over 100 countries. In an upcoming release, we’ll be integrating Google Translate, enabling hosts to communicate seamlessly with guests in their native language or other languages as needed.

How can I get started?

To get started, simply log in to your Lodgify account and navigate to the ‘Inbox’ section of your dashboard. You will find the newly activated feature prominently displayed, ready for you to explore and utilize.

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