Happy Birthday Lodgify! New Updates!

Lodgify has turned one year old! And what better way to celebrate than with new exciting updates for vacation rental owners and managers.

Check out our blog article to find out more about all the new features that we have added, our optimizations regarding a faster and more stable user experience and a recap on what we have achieved so far!

Cheers, and to many more successful years to come.


Lodgify has turned one year old! Happy Birthday! It’s been a great year for us and we would especially like to thank all of our customers for their continued feedback and support over the last 12 months.

We are already working on some brilliant new features that we will share with you soon. Also, just a reminder that we want to have our customers actively engaged in the development of Lodgify. So please continue sending us your valuable feedback and feature suggestions.

New features for your vacation rental website:

1. Best credit card processing rate with Stripe

We have successfully partnered with Stripe in order to offer Lodgify customers a cheaper rate to accept credit card payments through their website. Our rates have been set to 2.2% + 30c/20p (3.5% for AmEx) for Stripe supported countries/currencies with immediate effect. An amazing rate with which we are providing vacation rental owners one of the safest and cheapest ways to process credit cards online in the industry.

2. Lodgify available in 4 languages

We have expanded to the European market, and are now offering Lodgify in three additional languages: Spanish, Italian and German. We are glad that we can now share our technology with European holiday rental businesses in their own language.

3. Optimized iCal for exporting your availability calendar

We have optimized the iCal export function, which allows you to export the availability of your vacation rentals to your personal calendar. It now contains more detailed information about each booking. In order to utilize the new format you need to do the following: Go to your reservation system, scroll down to the “Export calendar” section, and select the “optimize for your personal calendar” option. Use the URL that is then displayed and add it to your calendar.

4. Improved speed of your website

Following some speed optimization that we have been doing throughout the year. We are now about to finalize a major update in order to provide you an even faster and more stable user experience. Expect a big speed difference when browsing through your vacation rental website very soon!

5. New Lodgify booking API for developers

The Lodgify booking API provides you full control to manage your bookings using a REST interface. If you are a developer, or if you are interested in building a custom integration with an external system, please study our documentation here.

6. New Designer Platform for web designers

Clients who require a custom web design can now either hire a web designer to utilize our new designer platform or customize their site themselves if they have web design skills. Our platform utilizes Liquid templating language. Reach out to us via help@lodgify.com to find out more or check out our documentation here.

And in case you haven’t taken notice yet, here is a quick recap of previously added features:

  • Define fixed check-in and check-out days

  • Add sub-owners to your account and grant them restricted access to properties

  • Have your sub owners signup and/or login directly on your website

  • View the availability calendar for all of your properties in one single view

  • Configure and customize email notifications to guests

  • Add a rental agreement to the booking process

  • Display your website in more than 15 languages

  • Add custom amenities to your description

  • Have visitors subscribe to your MailChimp newsletter on your website

You will find more information about these features in our other blog articles.

And as always, if you have any questions or queries, simply reach out to us via help@lodgify.com. We answer all of our emails!

Thanks for the ongoing support, and cheers to many more successful years to come.

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