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What Is Agri-Ecotourism?

Agri-ecotourism or agro-ecotourism is a mix of both ecotourism and agritourism. It’s a form of tourism that involves visitors participating in sustainable farming and learning about local produce. Known to be socially responsible and eco-friendly, the popularity of agri-ecotourism continues to grow as people look for new experiences outside of cities. 

Whether it’s for leisure, education, or just curiosity, agri-ecotourism has managed to attract both international and domestic tourists. Driven by the need for more sustainable solutions and pastimes, this blend of interests has the potential to continue expanding in the future. 


Difference between Agritourism and Ecotourism

Agritourism brings tourists to a farm or ranch to teach them about the local culture and increase income while ecotourism promotes sustainable and responsible travel to areas with the intention of conserving and protecting the environment.  Ecotourism, also known as nature tourism, tends to be more focused on raising awareness for environmental issues. Both of these forms of tourism also work towards supporting the local community and encouraging a respectful mindset. 

The combination of the two results in agri-ecotourism, a new and durable approach to tourism. 

Why Do We Need Agri-Ecotourism?

There are many types of tourism that you may have heard of or even experienced first hand. Culinary tourism, business tourism, sports tourism, and even medical tourism – you name it. What makes agri-ecotourism stand out is that it is heavily focused on protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint while still providing an enjoyable holiday. 

For guests, agri-ecotourism is an escape from busy city life. It gives them the opportunity to be surrounded by nature and immerse themselves in a new culture. Not only does this provide endless activities for travelers, but it also supports local farmers. 

Agri-ecotourism can provide jobs in areas that normally have high levels of poverty, improve the food supply chain, strengthen traditional farming practices, and promote the local heritage through art.

Furthermore, it’s a great cause to promote because it works on conserving natural habitats and increasing landscape diversity. Because agri-ecotourism teaches people to be more responsible when it comes to their consumption habits, this change in mindset can be transformative for our society.

Agri-Ecotourism Activities for Guests

Agri-ecotourism is a lot more than just learning about the farming process. There’s an abundance of invigorating and memorable activities that guests can participate in when visiting eco-friendly farms. The best part is that it provides something interesting for all age groups. 

If you own a vacation rental farmhouse, here’s a list of agri-ecotourism related activities that you can promote to your guests:

  • Meeting local farmers 
  • Tasting a variety of fresh foods and produce
  • Learning about rural art
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Visiting nearby protected areas and learning about their history
  • Going on educational tours for a multitude of topics
  • Milking cattle
  • Winery tours 
  • Attending local festivals and fairs
  • Renting out farmhouses or rural B&Bs to live out the full experience
  • Workshops for corn grinding or traditional milk processing
  • Learning about local architecture and construction