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What Does Per Person Sharing Mean?

Per person sharing is the price each guest pays when sharing a room. In some cities, it’s quite common to charge according to the number of people staying at a property rather than charging a flat rate. PPS ensures that the space is not taken advantage of or overcrowded with more guests than is approved by the owner. It also means that the costs of additional complimentary amenities that the host must pay, such as meals, stay low.

Many hosts charge a single-person fee, with an advantage being that the more people that stay in the room, the more money they make. Because of this, solo travelers usually get charged with an extra fee when occupying a two person room with its facilities.

Per Person Sharing

This concept can be referred to by the acronyms PP (per person), PPPN (per person per night), and PPS (per person sharing). Each of these terms means the same thing. 

What Does Per Person Per Night Mean?

Per person per night means that you break down how much each person pays per night rather than calculating the total price per person. So if the total bill is $1000 and two guests stayed for five nights, then the price per person per night equals $100  ($1000/2 guests = $500/5 nights  = $100 per person per night.)

How to Calculate the Per Person Sharing Price

To estimate the per person sharing price, simply divide the room’s fee by the number of guests. Here’s an example: 

  • If a double room costs $450 per night, the per person sharing price would be $450/2 = $225. 

It’s up to the property owner whether they want to list prices this way rather than listing the total cost. Before doing so, it’s recommended to analyze similar businesses and to do a thorough review of the pros and cons.