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What Is Self Check-In on Airbnb?

The self check-in option on Airbnb allows guests to enter your vacation rental upon arrival without meeting directly with you or your property manager. Self check-in is especially useful if you own multiple properties and can’t be everywhere at once handing out keys, giving tours, or going over house rules.

Airbnb self check-in

It also means manual communication is facilitated in a way that benefits both you and your guests. You won’t have to remind them of the address, the keypad code, or any other detailed instructions needed to access the property. 

How Does Self Check-In Work on Airbnb?

Airbnb’s self check-in tool allows you to share your check-in instructions before confirmed guests arrive. They can then access them on the Airbnb app at any time during their trip without being connected to WiFi or having a data plan on their phone. 

You can upload photos and photo descriptions, so your guests have an accurate visual of the property. You can also include commonly asked questions to give guests a better idea of what to expect upon arrival. 

Does Airbnb Automatically Send Check-In Instructions?

After your check-in instructions and photos are uploaded, Airbnb will automatically share them with your confirmed guests three days before they arrive at your property. This means there is no chance of forgetting to send out important information and jeopardizing the experience of those renting your home. 

Should I Offer Self Check-In at My Airbnb?

Offering self check-in for your Airbnb or vacation rental home comes with various benefits. First, it will save you a lot of time when helping guests get settled into the property, especially if you use the automatic instructions feature. It will also ensure that your guests have a stress-free check-in process after a long day of traveling. 

During a pandemic, providing self check-in options is highly recommended. Contactless check-in makes it safe and simple for guests to enjoy their vacation without the fear of being around other people.