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What Is a Tourist Board?

A tourist board is an official organization that encourages travelers to visit their city, country, or region. What do tourist boards do? They provide information about the area, including transportation, popular attractions, and where to stay. They also provide information regarding the history and the culture of a specific area.

Tourist board

How Can Tourist Boards Help Vacation Rental Businesses?

When families or individuals plan their trips, they often search for a list of tourist boards to help them with their itinerary. The travel tourism board gives them details they can use when deciding on what to see or do in the area. 

It’s beneficial to connect with tourist boards if you are a vacation rental business. Not only does it make your vacation rental more visible to potential guests, but it also recommends you as a trusted vacation rental owner. 

Travelers using tourist boards to plan their trips will be more likely to book with you because they see that you are a legitimate business whose reputation is backed up by the tourist board. Connecting with your local tourist board will significantly increase your bookings. 

If you’re hoping to promote your vacation rental business, local tourist boards will be the best connections you can make compared to regional or national boards. That’s because a local board connected with your city or county is made up of other locals that know the ins and outs of the tourist industry in which you live. They will be more closely connected to the businesses they recommend to tourists, including your vacation rental. 

Difference between National and Regional Tourist Boards

Two other main types of tourist boards are the national and the regional tourist board. Their definitions are nearly identical. As their titles suggest, the national board cares for tourist information within the entire country. On the other hand, the regional tourist board shares information about specific provinces, states, or regions within the country. It might include things like the climate, local attractions, and common customs. 

What Is a National Tourist Board?

National tourist boards work to promote and create the identity of an area at a national level. They enhance the reputation of tourism and raise the quality of tourist activities throughout the country.

All business operations that promote tourism in the country are organized, conducted, and implemented by the national tourist board. Their tasks include doing market research, designing programs and projects for tourism, and establishing representative tourist offices in foreign countries. 

What Is a Regional Tourist Board?

Regional tourist boards are organizations that monitor the tourism aspect of a specific region or province within a country. They are better equipped to make suggestions and monitor tourism activities in the region because they understand the area’s particular dynamics. 

Take, for example, a country like the United States. While each state is considered American soil, the weather, activities, food, and culture differ significantly between Southern states like Florida and Northern states like Montana. 

Therefore, a regional tourist board will be able to give clear advice based on the specifics of each state or region.