Chapter 1

Airbnb House Rules Template for Your Vacation Rental

Airbnb House Rules are there to provide the visitor with what they can and cannot do inside and around the house. This is to ensure that not only do they follow what is expected of them but they are aware of these rules prior to showing up.

These rules would include everything about smoking, drinking, pets, visitors, going into places of the house that are off-limits and more. Without going too deep in borderline cases included in the Airbnb insurance, whatever you feel that the visitor is not able to do or what they should know about should be included in these Airbnb house rules and posted with the listing.

What to Include in Your Airbnb House Rules Template

There are many things that can be included in the House Rules, so consider what you would do inside the home and what you would not like someone else to do if they show up.

Many people put their rules on smoking, drinking, security deposit, visitors that can come and go, shoes on or off and some even have spots around the home that they wouldn’t want visitors to enter. Some even put rules as far as illegal downloading, parties, excessive noise, breakage and more. The list can go on, but whatever you feel the most comfortable adding should be added.

The additions that you make to the Airbnb house rules are important, as this is what is going to determine not only what the guest does, but also what they are expected of doing while they are there. They are able to see these rules when they book the room and some people may not want to worry about smoking rules, while others may enjoy the fact that the inside of the rental is smoke-free.

Every guest is different, but renting a property to someone means that you have to ensure that your property is taken care of and that you have respectful visitors coming and going from it.

Your house rules can be expanded upon as much as you would like or they can be as simple as you would like. Some people enjoy just creating a small list of rules, such as keep shoes outside, smoke on the balconies only, no loud music and enjoy! Others have a chapter full of do’s and don’ts.

Your vacation rental will determine the length of the Airbnb house rules you have. Rules are important as you need to make sure you cover what needs to be covered so make sure you take some time to think about them.

Download our Free Airbnb House Rules Template

We have made the work of creating your own house rules for your Airbnb rental easier by putting together a template. We have covered some of the most basic things, as well as extras that others have recommended in their Airbnb guidebooks.

This allows you to go through the checklist of things and add or take away what you feel is important to your rental property. Covering all bases is ideal when renting to others and you want to ensure that damages or other instances are taken care of appropriately.