Chapter 3

Getting a Vacation Rental License

There are many areas that require those owners of vacation rental properties to apply for a business permit or license in order to rent these homes or properties out on a short term basis. If you are wondering if you live in an area where this is required, it is important that you contact your city or county officials to find out more information regarding what is required of you.

Vacation Rental License Types

There are a couple of vacation rental license types that you should be aware of when it comes to applying for a license for vacation rentals.

General Business License

This is a license that is general for any business that is out there, including those rental owners that are just offering a short term rental that you are offering to people looking for a place to rent.

Short Term Rental License

There are legal restrictions that come with a general business license, which is why it is important that you get something a bit more specific to your needs. This is when a short term rental license would come in handy. It is able to cover all bases and ensure that the property is compliant with all of the local, health and public restrictions.

You might also have to show that the property being rented out is not your actual main residence. For more information, it is important to look into the local government website to find out even more.

What Is the Process for Obtaining a Vacation Rental Business License?

It is important that you know the steps to obtain a Vacation Rental License. Even though it might be a bit different in your city or town, it is still somewhat of the same process, so it is good to be informed prior to heading out and applying.

The building permit has to be successfully completed prior to applying for this license, as well as the inspection and other specifics. Please do not rent out the property until you have the necessary licenses to do so.

You then need to apply for the license on the city’s website or even by visiting your local City Hall for the paperwork. You can then submit the application once you fill it out, read it over and make sure you comply with everything written on it.

The staff will review the property and show up to inspect it. They will want to make sure that nothing is backlogged on the property, nothing is wrong with it and even look into the paperwork for the property. Anything that is not resolved on the property will have to be done so before the application can be approved.

Once this is finished, the application can be paid for and then the license is approved and provided to the owner. The placard needs to be posted in a visible location on the property.

Do You Need a Vacation Rental License?

Since the vacation rental market is ever-growing, it is important that you keep up with the laws that come with them. This is for the simple fact that so many cities are cracking down and taking precautions to protect their neighborhoods, residents and visitors that might be coming to the area. They want to make sure that everyone is working legally and as they should be.

The local lawmakers can work closely with property managers to make sure that they are working and running as they should. They want to have a clear structure with all of the properties and the only way to do this is through working with one another. This is why it is important to adhere to the local laws and obtain a license if need be to rent your property out short term.

It is important that you frequently check the laws and requirements that are posted up. This way, everyone is legal and following all of the local rules and regulations and you can ensure that your short term rental is not one that is breaking any of the rules or going against the code of the neighborhood.