Chapter 3

FlipKey Customer Service

While in the age of the internet many users will be happy to contact FlipKey via email, some travelers and hosts using the platform still prefer to contact FlipKey customer service via phone. To know more about FlipKey, its phone number as well as other crucial customer service contact details for listing properties, read on.

FlipKey Phone Number

Contacting FlipKey by telephone is easy when you know how – though their phone number is hard to find online. Instead of listing it in the”Contact” section, users can find the phone number under the “Sign in” section of the website.

When you click on ‘List Your Property’, along with all other options you will find a ‘Call us’ button, which will provide you with FlipKey’s phone number: 1-877-354-7539.

Be aware that the FlipKey helpline is not a 24-hour service. It is available from 9.30 AM to 9.30 PM from Monday to Friday, meaning it is not possible to call during weekends. In case users require out-of-hours assistance, there are other ways to contact FlipKey customer service, or you can find the answers online to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Customer Service: How Can We Help?

When you click on Customer Support, the question “how can we help you?” will pop up right in front of you. If you cannot find the answer to your owner query in the given FAQ menu, you can type some keywords from your question in the search bar.

FlipKey Help Center

Both the Traveler Help Center and the Owner Help Center on the FlipKey site are the most reliable solutions for the majority of queries. These help centers contain the answers to a wide variety of questions and are often able to satisfy all queries. By listing answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding advertising rental properties on the platform, it reduces the need to call the FlipKey phone number.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common FAQs that guests using the FlipKey platform have.

  • Booking Confirmation

On the FlipKey website, a traveler’s booking request is not complete until the rental manager or homeowner has accepted or declined the offer. FlipKey advises that guests do not plan any travel (such as flights, etc.) until the booking request has been accepted by the host. Check out FlipKey’s booking request Help Center page for more advice regarding this topic.

  • Booking Cancellation

There can be multiple reasons for canceling a booking, so it is advisable to check the FlipKey host’s policies before modifying a booking. Guests can get more details about booking cancelation from the Help Center.

  • Check-In and Arrival Details

When a booking has been confirmed, guests can see all the details about by entering their booking ID in the “Manage your holiday booking” section. This will present details about the arrival date, check-in time etc. For more details, travelers can check the arrival and check-in queries in the Help Center.

  • Booking in Disaster Struck Area

In the case that the vacation destination is struck by natural disasters, such as a hurricane, travelers should immediately contact the host for more details. The FlipKey Help Center also provides more details on booking in hurricane-affected areas.

  • Inability to Connect with Owner

Travelers who are having trouble connecting with the property owner before or at the time of arrival can always contact Flipkey through phone or email. The Help Center can offer you more solutions for problems contacting the owner, such as checking each review to see if it has happened with other guests before.

  • Money Back

If the homeowner has declined a booking request, this also means that they have not taken any money from the guest. The amount paid while making the request is held by the bank until the host accepts the booking. For more details, you can take a look at this article about declined bookings and money back details.

  • Property Details

For guests who are interested in finding out more about the property they will be visiting, or to get an idea about what the vacation will be like, check out Flipkey published reviews for that property. Travelers might also contact the owner if it is necessary. For more details, go to the information on property section.

  • View and Manage Bookings

If you are a guest who has already made a booking and are experiencing problems, use the “Manage your Vacation Bookings” feature. This will ask for the booking ID and email ID in order to provide all the necessary information about the reservation and the homeowner of the property. After the Help Center, this is one of the most reliable and usable options if the traveler is not able to contact FlipKey by phone or email.

Sometimes emailing the owner of the rental through the listings option on the property might also work for travelers who want to book or who have a question regarding the property’s reviews, for example. More often than not, owners are able to deal with the majority of queries from their guests, especially if the question is related to bookings, refunds, cancelations, etc.

To know more about viewing and organizing bookings you can refer to the Help Center on FlipKey.

  • Payment Queries

Payments only take place once the host has accepted a guest for their property. More information about booking payments can be found in the Help Center.

  • TripAdvisor Payment Protect

Paying for vacation rentals has been made a lot easier and more comfortable with the peace of mind that TripAdvisor Payment Protect guarantees.

Using the FlipKey Dashboard for Help

Whether you are a traveler or an owner, you can get access to advance help options through the dashboard. Although this is not usually necessary, as most of the time, the help centers are more than enough for all kinds of queries.

However, if you still require an answer to a question, you can try reaching out to the help option in FlipKey’s dashboard. This is also one of the most comprehensive solutions that can be used for dealing with queries or a review.