Chapter 1

How to Get More Direct Bookings on Your Vacation Rental Website

Learn best practices for your vacation rental website, essential Google info and in-depth marketing tips with our direct booking webinar series.

We recently launched our webinar series on how to achieve 30% direct bookings from your vacation rental website. In the first episode, we cover best practices for making your website a hit on Google and with potential guests.

Best Practices for Your Rental Website

How Will People Find My Website?

In the second webinar of this series, we look at how Google works and how people will find your website.

We share details about all the free Google tools that are available to boost your website and help you track traffic and conversions.

Marketing on Free Channels

In the third webinar of this series, we look at how to market your website for free.

We share tips for keyword research and search engine optimization, as well as insights on how blogging, social media and email marketing can drive heaps more traffic to your site.

Marketing on Paid Channels

In the fourth and final webinar of this series, we look at how to market your website on paid channels.

We cover the reasons why vacation rentals can benefit from paid advertising, the different types of ad formats to use and how you can utilize remarketing tactics to bring more bookings.

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