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Google Analytics Integration

Want to track the performance of your vacation rental website? With our Google Analytics integration, you’ll make sure you never miss a single user on your Lodgify website.

This integration will not only allow you to monitor your vacation rental marketing activities, but also provide you with interesting insights about your users.

Stop guessing. Discover how travelers find you, how they behave on your website and start optimizing and taking business actions driven by real data.

Connect Lodgify to Google Analytics and exploit the full potential of your vacation rental website.



This integration requires both Google Analytics and Lodgify. Learn more.

Get hands-on with SEO and see the results

What’s the point of optimizing if you don’t track results? Use the best search engine optimization practices to maximize your website visibility, then monitor your achievements with Google Analytics to verify you are going in the right direction.


Get to know your visitors better

You need to know who you’re talking to. Use Lodgify’s Google Analytics integration to understand who your website visitors are and take actions accordingly to modify or create new content for your website.


Understand where you should invest

Not sure which marketing channel you should focus on? With Google Analytics, you can see which sources are driving the most traffic and set your advertising budgets based on the highest performing platforms.



Getting started with Google Analytics on Lodgify

Connecting Google Analytics to your Lodgify website is easier than you may think. Get set up in a matter of minutes by following the steps you find in our detailed Knowledge Base article. For any questions or concerns, our support team is here to help.


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