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Revyoos Integration

Looking for an easy-to-use solution to improve your reputation, SEO, and conversions? Revyoos is the only all-in-one review aggregator for vacation rentals. It allows hosts to collect reviews from online travel agencies (such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, and TripAdvisor) and platforms like Facebook onto a single dashboard.

Reviews can be updated both automatically and manually, with the option to also request direct reviews from guests.

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This integration requires both a Revyoos and a Lodgify subscription.

Build trust and credibility

With the Lodgify-Revyoos integration, verified reviews are automatically collected and displayed on your vacation rental website from verified sources like Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, TripAdvisor, and Facebook.

Lodgify Revyoos Integration

Increase your CTR on Google

Using Revyoos can improve your clickthrough rate on Google by 35%. The widget also allows you to show your star ratings and total number of reviews on Google’s Search Engine Results page through a rich snippet, which will multiply the direct traffic to your Lodgify website.

Get more direct bookings

The Lodgify-Revyoos integration helps you to convert potential customers by increasing website traffic and creating a trustworthy reputation for your business. 

Lodgify Revyoos Integration

Track your performance

Revyoos allows you to filter, search, and analyze your reviews to get a better understanding of your performance. By keeping track of both the good and bad, you can detect patterns and areas for improvement.

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This integration requires both a Revyoos and a Lodgify subscription.

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