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Invoice Template for Vacation Rental Bookings

For every property owner or real estate agent operating in the vacation rental industry, there is a long list of things to take into consideration when accepting a new guest.

One of the most important things, after confirming the booking and signing the vacation rental agreement, is to provide the guest with a detailed invoice that specifies all the different costs and expenses.

Creating a rental invoice will be helpful for both the host and guest(s).

It’ll allow your client to keep track of their expenses and can be also used as proof of the payment.

But how to create an invoice?

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything. Follow our suggestions and it will be as easy as 1-2-3.

You just have to download our rental invoice template, which includes all the mandatory information that you need in order to take care of accounting and billing on your own.

The best part? It’s completely editable and you can customize it according to your needs.

Don’t see the form to download our Invoice Template? Click here.

What does our rental invoice template cover?

The vacation rental invoice sample that we offer includes all the must-have information that need to be included.

Information about the property, personal details of both the owner and guest, plus all the information strictly related to the payment and expenses.

However, we recommend getting in touch with a professional accountant for advice on how to adapt this invoice model to your needs.

Generally, a typical invoice for vacation rentals should consist of three parts, each one corresponding to three different types of information.

Here is the structure of our invoice sample.

Once you download it, read it carefully and don’t forget to include all the information.

invoice vacation rental

1. The first part of the invoice contains information about the transaction:

  • Invoice number, which must be created in chronological order
  • Owner information (Name, Address, Contact)
  • Details of the guests (Name, Address, Contact)
  • Place and date of the invoice

2. The second part of the vacation rental invoice must contain the booking details:

  • Date of arrival and departure of the guests
  • Number of guests
  • Address of the property

3. The third part of the rental invoice refers to payments, fees and taxes:

  • Security deposit (if applicable)
  • Price per day/night and number of days/nights charged
  • Additional costs (especially cleaning fee or taxes)
  • Payment method (by check, cash or bank transfer)
  • The words “Invoice paid” or “Payment pending” (depending on the situation)
  • Owner’s signature

There must be two copies of the rental invoice and it must be filled by both parties – host and guest.

One copy goes to the guest and another will be kept by the owner or the property manager.

You can choose to have the IO delivered to the guest by email or just give it to them in paper once they’ve checked out of your property.

Furthermore, if the original invoice contains any errors, you’ll have to create a new one (with a new number) that certifies the mistake and cancels the previous one. In fact, once a bill of sale has been issued, it can’t be modified in any way.

So be careful, use Lodgify’s rental vacation invoice template and follow our suggestions!

Don’t see the form to download our Invoice Template? Click here.


In case of doubt about the billing or accounting of your business, please get in touch with a professional accountant or a lawyer specialized in vacation rentals.

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