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Lodgify Product Updates: Get Ready for Smoother Airbnb Connections

At Lodgify, we believe that every guest’s stay should be nothing short of remarkable, and every host’s journey should be seamlessly empowering. With this unwavering commitment in mind, we are thrilled to unveil an array of new features and improvements that are set to make managing your vacation rental business even easier. Let’s take a look!

Airbnb Rental Readiness feature

Lodgify has unveiled an innovative solution within the channel manager that’s designed to ensure your success in connecting with Airbnb.

Introducing the “Missing Requirements” page – your go-to resource for identifying and fulfilling all the necessary prerequisites to establish a successful connection with Airbnb. We understand that a smooth integration experience is crucial for hosts like you, and this new feature is here to guide you through the essential steps that guarantee a hassle-free connection.

airbnb sync

With Lodgify’s “Missing Requirements” page, you gain access to a comprehensive checklist that covers the top five critical categories: Title, Description, Price per Night, Location, and Photos. These elements are at the heart of your listing’s appeal to potential guests, and ensuring they are in top-notch condition will set you up for success from the start.

This page is your personal assistant in ensuring you haven’t missed a beat. It displays the essential requirements that need your attention before your listing goes live on Airbnb. No more guesswork, no more overlooked details – just a clear roadmap to a successful integration.

Please note if you’ve already established a connection for your listings, you won’t be able to utilize this feature at this time.

Introducing owner inbox access

Now, accessing the Inbox module alongside the Messages section has never been easier, making guest communication and collaboration smoother than ever before.

Unlocking this feature is simple. Just follow these simple steps to ensure you’re making the most out of this enhancement:

Log in to your Lodgify account and head over to the Settings section. Within Settings, locate the options ‘This owner can view guest contact information’ and ‘This owner can view guest name.’ With these permissions activated, you’re all set!

This enhancement is designed with your success in mind. By facilitating enhanced collaboration and streamlining teamwork, we’re paving the way for increased efficiency across the board. With direct access to guest contact information and names, property owners can now offer prompt assistance, ensuring that guest operations run smoothly.

Furthermore, owners will only be privy to inbox threads directly related to the rentals they’ve been assigned. No more confusion or clutter – just crystal-clear communication that leads to superior guest experiences.

Break the language barrier from the mobile app

At Lodgify, we understand the importance of breaking down language barriers to create exceptional guest experiences. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Inbox Translation feature on our mobile app – your gateway to effortless multilingual communication.

Easily delete recipients in Accounting

We’ve also made exciting improvements to our Accounting section in PM Modules. In response to valuable user feedback, we’ve implemented changes that empower you with more control and efficiency in managing your recipient list.

Previously, while you could effortlessly create recipients, there was a missing piece in the puzzle – the ability to remove them when no longer necessary. We heard you, and we’ve taken action. Our latest update now allows you to not only create recipients but also delete them.

With this new feature, you gain the power to declutter your recipient records by eliminating outdated or redundant information. This organizational overhaul not only improves the aesthetics of your account but also paves the way for enhanced efficiency.

But what about the history tied to those deleted recipients? Fear not. Our system ensures that your financial records remain accurate and comprehensive. Even with deleted recipients, previous payment data remains intact and precisely tracked, reinforcing the reliability of your financial archives.

Stay organized with OTA filtering in the mobile app’s calendar

Whether you’re dealing with bookings from various online travel agencies (OTAs) or other platforms, keeping things well-organized is essential for providing a seamless guest experience.

ota filter feature

With Lodgify’s new intuitive mobile app feature, the task becomes remarkably simple – enabling you to filter and display reservations from specific OTAs directly in your calendar. This ensures that bookings from different platforms remain distinct and hassle-free to manage.

New apps available in the marketplace

As the calendar flips yet again, we’re thrilled to introduce a fresh array of integrations. These additions to our Lodgify marketplace are bound to redefine your hosting experience:


You can now elevate your guest experience from the moment of booking to the final checkout with the innovative DACK hosting software and guest app. You’ll be able to seamlessly generate comprehensive guidebooks for each of your properties and effortlessly dispatch access links to every guest.


With Swikly, you can collect guest deposits in a seamless manner and allow it to manage communications in the event of damages, so you don’t have to!

Resize the logo of your website

In the dynamic world of web design, ensuring that every element fits perfectly is paramount. And one crucial element that often poses a challenge is the logo. This is where the Lodgify Logo Resizer comes to the rescue, offering users an effortless solution to achieve the ideal logo size without the hassle of custom code or stringent size requirements.

While the Logo Resizer is designed to be seamless, in rare cases, users who have made significant customizations might notice slight discrepancies in the logo preview. Rest assured, though, these discrepancies are limited to the preview stage and won’t affect your live website until you’re ready to republish.

lodgify logo resizer

Key takeaways

From connecting to Airbnb and further top-class integrations to managing bookings and guest communication, our latest product updates are thanks to the valuable feedback we receive from our users. By constantly evaluating our product, we hope these enhancements will help you maximize your business potential as we head into the next month and beyond.

If you’re looking for vacation rental software to help scale your business and are yet to try Lodgify, why not sign up for a commitment-free 7-day trial? Alternatively, you can register for a personalized product demo call with one of our agents or try our features with a demo account.

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