Lodgify Partners with Swikly for Simplified Online Security Deposits

When it comes to protecting your rental and renting with confidence, nothing is more reassuring than knowing you have a security deposit in place if anything goes wrong. But what happens when it does go wrong?

The delicateness of collecting security deposits can be challenging and can create friction when communicating with guests. Conventional deposits that place a hold on guests’ cards can also be off-putting and even lead to missing out on potential bookings.

Enter our new partner, Swikly, a transformative solution poised to tackle these challenges head-on. Swikly revolutionizes the way security deposits operate in the industry. They guarantee that guests’ cards are only charged in the event of actual damage, with no freezing of funds. Swikly also handles communicating any damage with guests, and in the event that the guest’s card can’t be charged, Swikly covers the cost of the damage, so you don’t have to.

What is Swikly?

Swikly is an online damage deposit software that helps you automate the collection of damage deposits for every reservation. Your guests will receive a link with the form they must fill out to complete the damage deposit process without actually being charged. With a straightforward approach, Swikly enables you to manage security deposits for all your guests and rentals efficiently.

With Swikly, you can focus on creating better experiences for guests and leave the dirty work of collecting and charging damage deposits to them. The best part? Swikly also guarantees the amount of the deposit, so if there is ever a situation where the guest’s card can’t be charged, Swikly will cover the cost. Leave the sticky and stressful situations behind and get back to improving your guest experience and managing the enjoyable parts of your rental business.

What are the benefits of using Swikly?

Streamlined Security Deposits

Swikly’s automated system simplifies the security deposit process by allowing you to set up specific deposit amounts for all your rentals. You can then set your preferences and configurations for each rental, allowing you to tailor your deposit requests depending on the needs of every reservation.

A unique link will be created for every booking and sent to the guest automatically to be completed. The link will be sent to all your reservations, Lodgify and channel bookings included, through the Lodgify inbox. And, in the unfortunate event of damage, you can initiate collection requests effortlessly with just a click.

swikly deposit

Guarantee for Unchargeable Guest Cards

With Swikly, you can set aside concerns about payment issues with your guest card. If the card isn’t able to be charged, Swikly provides a guarantee which covers the cost of the damage. Swikly will then take on the responsibility of getting the funds from the guest so you can move on to your next guest and not have to pay out of pocket for any damage that might have been caused.

Guest Communication

Swikly covers guest communication by promptly delivering deposit details and handling all damage-related communication if necessary. This relieves you from managing such discussions, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your property management.


How much does Swikly cost?

They have a free 30-day trial, covering your first three deposit requests without commitment. Experience seamless security fee handling without any cost.

The Standard plan is a commitment-free option that empowers you to request deposits effortlessly. With a mere 1.8% + €0.25 excl. Tax commission on the secured amount, you’re in control of your financial flow. Make the best of your exceptional discount thanks to the Lodgify partnership! The Swikly team will be delighted to look into your business needs and tailor-make a business proposal for you.

For a premium experience, choose their tailor-made Premium offer. Adapted to your unique needs, it comes with benefits like volume discounts, a dedicated contact person, API access, and the assurance of a collection guarantee.

Seamlessly integrate Swikly into your tools and elevate your operations. Book an appointment here to see how Swikly’s pricing plans can work for you.


How to Integrate with Swikly?

Swikly simplifies deposit management for Lodgify users, streamlining the process by covering costs and compensating hosts directly. Integrating seamlessly with Lodgify and Swikly, you can efficiently manage deposit collection from guests for both Lodgify bookings and connected channel reservations. Upon completing the deposit form, a confirmation response will be sent to your Lodgify inbox.

Swikly imports property, guest, and booking data, tailoring solutions to individual preferences. Following booking confirmation, Swikly generates dedicated deposit links for guests sent via the Lodgify inbox. After successful deposit processing, a confirmation notification appears in the Lodgify inbox, validating the transaction. Swikly ensures a coherent integration, enhancing understanding of the product’s functionality.

For further insights, refer to our knowledge base article for a comprehensive explanation of the integration process. If you have any questions about Swikly, please send an email to sales@swikly.com.

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