Automate your Turnovers with Lodgify’s New Partner, Turno

As hosts, we want to ensure that our accommodations are always in tip-top shape when welcoming new guests. Cleanliness, or lack thereof, is one of the main points of discussion in guest reviews. But cleaning can pose a logistical challenge to even the most experienced of property managers. That is why Turno has created an all-in-one solution for your cleaning management needs.

With great pleasure, Lodgify is happy to announce our new integration with Turno, fomerly TurnoverBnB, a cleaning management app that allows you to automatically schedule cleaners, create task and inventory lists, and find an available and experienced cleaner in your area when you need them.

What is a turnover?

In the short term vacation rental industry, a turnover refers to the preparation of an accommodation after one guest leaves and before the other one enters. With only a couple of hours between check-in and check-out times, turnovers can be quite a nightmare to handle operationally, especially for those managing multiple properties.

Hotels have it easy, with an in-house cleaning team dedicated to preparing the rooms at a moment’s notice. But what about smaller vacation rental operations that don’t have the resources to procure an in-house team? Well, Turno has created a solution for that. With their software, you can be just as efficient as a hotel cleaning staff but at a fraction of the cost.

How does Turno work?

Turno allows you to import all your properties and reservations into their platform and then automatically schedule cleaners. The software will know when your guest is checking out and the next one checking in and will post a cleaning project to available cleaners.

Additional features include creating cleaning and task checklists that the staff will need to follow and complete before marking a project as done. You can also make inventory lists, specifying how many rolls of toilet paper should be stocked or how many teaspoons should be available in the kitchen so that you never accidentally inconvenience your guests.

Turno cleaning calendar

Cleaning professionals can upload photos to show that a project has been completed or to record any potential damages caused by guests. We all know that the devil is in the details, and Turno allows you to keep a close watch while remaining hands-off.

Who are the cleaners?

Finding the right cleaning professional is like finding the right hairdresser; there is a level of trust involved and an expected outcome that needs to be up to your standard. And once you find one you like, you selfishly hope they will stick around forever. Unfortunately, and with millions of bad haircuts on Earth to prove it, this is just not the case. Turno can’t help with a bad haircut, but they can help you find a new cleaner if you are in the market.

With their global network of cleaners, you have the option of either adding your already known and trusted cleaners to the software or you can find a cleaner in your area by publishing a cleaning project. The cleaning project will be posted and cleaners can then bid on the project, leaving you to choose who you would like to hire and at what price.

Turno cleaning software

No need to be nervous about hiring a new professional, all cleaners on the Turno Marketplace have been thoroughly vetted. They all have experience cleaning for short term vacation rental businesses, have passed background checks, and some of them even have liability insurance so you can rest easy if an accident happens on your property.

How much does it cost?

When we said a fraction of the cost, we weren’t kidding. Turno offers its software for free for those with one rental. Every property after that will be about $8 per month, and a yearly subscription will get you a 25% discount. You can check out their pricing plans here or read more about our new partners here.

P.S. As an Lodgify Ultimate user, you can access Turno’s premium features at no additional cost. To get started and make the most of this exclusive offer, simply sign up for Turno here.

How do I get started?

If you’re already a Lodgify customer, sign up with Turno here and then copy and paste your Lodgify API key into their system. This will automatically import all your properties and reservations, then complete the finishing touches by adjusting your cleaning project specifications and settings. For more information on how to connect, check out our Knowledge Base article here.

Still not a Lodgify customer? Start your free trial today and see for yourself how our all-in-one software can help your short term rental business!

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