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Lodgify Product Updates – January 2023

We’re only one month into the new year, and we’ve already been working hard to ensure our product is even better than last year. As ever, our customers are our priority, and after taking your feedback on board, we’re excited to announce various updates that we believe will help grow your vacation rental business even further.

The vacation rental industry is constantly evolving with new challenges and new opportunities. Therefore, it’s important that our product adapts to it, so your short-term rental business can too. 2023 will see new integrations, a revamp of app and mobile features, and user experience enhancements…and that’s just the beginning!

Throughout the year, we’ll strive to make sure Lodgify provides the features you want, ensuring regular updates, checks, and improvements to make it the most innovative and reliable vacation rental software on the market. But for now, let’s review all the improvements and new features that we have added to our product in January 2023!

New features

You spoke, and we heard you! – We’ve brought you a release focused on enhancing performance based on the needs and requests submitted to our product development team!Anila Hasaj, Group Product Manager, Lodgify

Product improvements

Airbnb notifications

We have released a new ‘Notifications’ banner to help users stay updated with important hosting notifications from Airbnb. When landing on the Airbnb channel manager page, they will see the notifications banner on top. The banner will give the user important pending action items required to host the listing from Airbnb, for example, adding payout information or reactivating your listing.

It comes with a button that will direct users to land on the settings in Airbnb.

Onboarding widget

Users will now have greater access to our specialized onboarding team thanks to the new onboarding widget in the dashboard. All new Lodgify customers can easily book and schedule a personalized call with one of our onboarding agents to set up their Lodgify account. This includes importing their property data and connecting their listings with OTAs like Airbnb, Vrbo, and, as well as assisting with the website builder.

This widget is currently for single-rental property owners only and is available in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Alternatively, users can watch an onboarding tutorial video, which will cover everything you need to know about the setup process.

New accommodation types

“Cabin” and “Condominium” have been added to the list of Lodgify categories and can be synced with Airbnb and Vrbo, allowing for further customization.

new category types

UX calendar improvements

We’ve also made the Calendar feature easier to manage for hosts. If the last time you viewed the Calendar you selected the Multi view, you’ll land there the next time you view it. The same applies to the Single view; however, you can switch it back at any time.

In addition, if you applied any filters from the Calendar view to check for specific rentals, those filters will still be applied even if you switch tabs.

PM Modules in German

If the language is set to German on Account Settings, PM Modules will be launched in German.

Mobile app improvements

Copy and paste inbox messages

When accessing the unified inbox, hosts can now copy and paste messages in the inbox threads, allowing you to quickly respond to, and manage, guest communication the way you want. You’ll be able to receive guest queries from a variety of globally-recognized OTAs and respond in the app or platform you prefer.

User ID

The User ID is now available in the account menu, helping the Support team to better triage issues. You can easily find it by clicking on your avatar from the top right corner menu.

New integrations

Our newest integration partners, TIDY and Enso Connect, will give you the tools to automate repetitive hosting tasks, and with the integration, you can now directly import your properties and reservations into these platforms, reducing the manual setup time. – Marisa Rivera, Marketplace Manager, Lodgify


TIDY makes it easier for hosts to stay on top of their vacation rental cleaning tasks. This integration imports your bookings into your cleaning calendar so that jobs are scheduled and assigned automatically before the next guests check in.

Hosts can easily create task lists that specify how a job should be done and request photo confirmation when the task is completed.

Enso Connect

Enso Connect enhances your guest experience by allowing you to create digital guidebooks on anything you want your guests to know, from house rules to things to do in the local area. In addition, hosts can use the platform for guest verification, automatic check-in, smart lock access, custom upsells, and automated messaging, ensuring easy contactless check-in for all of your guests.

Performance fixes and improvements

Checkout day in iCal blocks

Some users were experiencing the omission of the checkout day in iCal blocks on their calendars, so our product and development team worked quickly to amend this. It has now been completely resolved, with the dates now appearing in full.

“Create quote” freeze

We received some feedback about the “Create quote” feature, saying that some users couldn’t add quotes to the reservation. We are happy to say that all users can now add quotes to customer requests.

To sum up

We’re confident that the updates we’ve unveiled will keep our users on top of industry changes and drive more direct bookings and five-star reviews their way. Lodgify customers will be able to manage their business with greater ease thanks to having access to top vacation rental technology and a highly-rated customer support team that has improved further still.

If you’re looking for vacation rental software to help scale your business and are yet to try Lodgify, why not sign up for a commitment-free 7-day trial? Alternatively, you can register for a personalized product demo call with one of our agents or try our features with a demo account.

Still unsure? Check out what our customers are saying about us!

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