Top Trends & Tips for Marketing Your Family Vacation Rental in 2023

The average family in the U.S. spends $3,835 per year on travel, making family travel one of the biggest segments of the tourism industry. Meanwhile, 85% of U.S. parents are expected to take a family vacation between the summer of 2022 and 2023. So, if you market your vacation rental to families, you may be able to capitalize on this trend.

As families make up for lost time over the last couple of years, there is expected to be an increase in large family reunions and multigenerational travel plans, also known as ‘skip-gen travel’, as they prioritize spending time together. 

In addition, we are likely to see an increase in family glamping vacations as 33-50-year-olds become the second-fastest CAGR in the global glamping market.

So, what can you do to tap into the family travel market? How can you make it easy for families to find your family-friendly vacation rental and ensure you keep them happy?

Top tips for attracting families to your family vacation home

It isn’t enough these days to tick off ‘children welcome’ on a listing site for vacation rentals like Airbnb to get families to notice your rental when they book a vacation. In reality, many supposedly ‘kid-friendly’ homes do not have what parents need, and this (more often than not) leads to disappointment and frustration, often translating into bad guest reviews.

If you’re worried about damage to properties, breakages and spills, there are easy ways to family-proof your property without impacting the guests’ experience.  For example, functional, inexpensive furniture in bright colors, loads of storage space, easy-to-clean surfaces and no breakables.

So, what do parents want?  Well, it’s not that different from what everyone wants – fun, rest and relaxation.  However, as everyone with kids knows, family holidays often cause stress levels to go through the roof.  This is the pain point you have to tap into when you market your family Airbnb or family rental as a great option for families. Show potential guests how your rental or family-friendly Airbnb allows parents to have a well-deserved break too!

family vacation rentals

Spell it out in your listings

Don’t forget to highlight all family-friendly amenities in your listing descriptions on sites like Airbnb or on your website. You’ll stand out from the crowd and show parents you offer above and beyond the basics. Clarifying what amenities you offer is key and can help sell your home to families.

Make life easy for the parents

Exactly how to do this depends a lot on the ages of the children, but the bottom line is – the parents need to visualize themselves sitting down with a book or a glass of wine while the kids are safe and happy too. Here is a breakdown by age of some of the particular challenges parents face:

  • Babies: Parents with babies are focused on getting them to eat and sleep. Tired parents are not going to have a great vacation!
  • Toddlers: Once a child starts moving, safety becomes a primary concern. Worrying leads to stress – and the last thing parents need on vacation is stress.
  • Older children: It’s all about fun and activities for this age group. Keep kids happy, and parents will be happy, too.

Provide peace of mind with safety features

When the kids are safe, the parents can relax.  For babies and younger children, it’s a good idea to baby-proof your home. If you don’t have children, ask a friend with children to come over and inspect your home from top to bottom. Get down on your hands and knees to see the world through a toddler’s or baby’s eyes, and you’ll be amazed at how many hidden dangers lurk in the average home. 

For example, essential safety measures include electrical socket covers, bathroom and kitchen cupboard and appliance door locks, stairgates at the top and bottom of stairs, temperature controls of water taps, and many more.

Outdoor security is also important, particularly if you have a pool. Ensure it is fenced and supply a pool cover for when the pool is not in use. Even a hot tub or water feature in the garden, such as a fishing pond, is not a good idea if you want to host families with small children. Families with young children also appreciate alarmed doors, nightlights and barriers or railings on balconies, as well as a secure closed-off garden to prevent little ones from running into the street.

Top tip: It may seem counterintuitive, but including information about any possible problems can actually assure parents that you have thought about their needs. If you have a pond that is near the house, for example, let parents know and explain how they can keep their children safe. (Maybe the doors chime when they are opened, or there is a lockable screened-in porch.) Parents are grateful to have this kind of information ahead of time. They know what to expect when they arrive, and there are no unwelcome surprises (or angry calls!).

family friendly vacation rental

Make it easy for them to clean up the mess

Cleaning up after children is a full-time job, and the easier you make it for parents to clean up after their brood, the more they can relax. It also makes your job easier during turnovers in between stays. Here we are thinking of easy-to-wipe surfaces, plastic-lined tablecloths, and wooden floors. Forget white sofas and light-colored carpets, towels or bed linen in this type of rental; take it from us. Store away any valuables and breakables safely and provide plastic cutlery and crockery, particularly to use on the terrace.

Help them make the most of their vacation

Parents often lack the time to properly research activities and restaurants in the area. Particularly, bigger families may be looking for ways to save money during their trip. Be sure to leave a welcome book with suggestions for family-friendly activities in the area and consider publishing a blog post on your website listing child-friendly venues and restaurants. Include some options that are within walking distance or easy to reach, and include public transportation suggestions and prices

For younger children, this could include safe beaches, children’s playgrounds, or art and craft centers nearby. For example, think about petting zoos, local museums offering educational visits for children, and family-themed parks or restaurants.

Teenagers or older kids love skateparks, cinemas, discos and shopping streets with trendy restaurants with interesting decor for TikTok or Instagram reels.

Make the most of the family living spaces

The priority for families is to spend time together, so be sure to create inviting large spaces, for example, a living room, where all of the family members can chill together.  The kitchen is another area where families tend to gather, so be sure to make it accessible and welcome to all.

The fun factor

When the kids are happy, the parents are happy.  So, be sure to mention fun options in your listings and property descriptions. This could include a DVD player and family DVDs, Netflix or on-demand cable, bicycles, paddle boards, a ping pong table, a splash pad, or some cool board games. Be sure that all of these things are in good condition.

Be creative and add a few special touches for different ages of children to start making a name for yourself as a fun family vacation rental or fun Airbnb for families.

family-friendly Airbnb

Some amenities to include for different age groups

For babies

  • Crib or travel crib (pack ‘n play)
  • Sheets/baby blankets
  • Highchair
  • Baby monitor
  • Baby seat or swing
  • Bottle warmer/sterilizer
  • Mini food processor or handheld blender
  • Changing pad or table
  • Stroller

For toddlers

  • Stair gates
  • Booster chair for dining table
  • Bed rails
  • Outlet covers
  • Toddler books and toys
  • Step stool
  • Potty seat or child’s potty
  • Bath toys
  • Non-slip bath mats
  • Umbrella strollers
  • Wagon
  • Blackout blinds/curtains in kids’ rooms

For kids

  • Fun, kid-friendly bedrooms or bunk rooms
  • Children’s books
  • Toys – indoor and outdoor
  • Board and card games
  • Game consoles such as Playstation, Xbox or Wii
  • Football or ping pong
  • Sports equipment
  • Scooters
  • Kids’ bikes, helmets & pump

Start by adding one little extra touch at a time…

The family market is big, and tapping into it is fairly easy and inexpensive. Start with a few amenities and add to them as you secure more family bookings. Before a family’s arrival, ask about the children’s ages, so you have some idea of their needs and perhaps add a little something for the kids in a welcome basket.

Taking children on vacation is no easy task! For parents, the little touches in the best family vacation home rentals really make the biggest difference.

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